The Smell of Fall in the Air

I love this time of year when the air smells crisp and there is a hint of chill in the air. It's also a time when many families get out and engage in Fall festivities including football, campfires and hiking to view the changing tree colors. Well, I admit our palm trees don't compare to the colorful Sugar Maples in Maine. With these activities, there is often a consistent trail of soil and other unwanted debris such as mud, leaves and other dirty remnants of the day. While daily cleaning is recommended to stay on top of these fall cleaning tasks, I want to give you a few ways that you can get a firm grip over dirt and grime.

One thing is for certain-dirt and mud can easily be tracked indoors and onto the carpeting by kids and our furry friends. Mud stains may include anything from soil and gravel to other dirty items embedded in shoes and boots. The first rule of thumb in controlling dirt in my house is to have everyone take their muddy shoes off before they enter. This obviously helps to control the dirt that could make its way to the carpeting. In addition, you should have your carpets professionally cleaned. Zerorez® uses a green steam cleaning process with solution called Zr™ Water. This solution safely penetrates carpet fibers and dissolves the dirt that leads to stains. The solution is then extracted using a powerful extraction wand. Using Zr™ Water gets rid of existing stains, prevents a reoccurrence and adds a protective barrier against future dirt.

When summer comes to an end and I sweep up all the sand, the next thing that I see is a color change and consistent falling of beautiful leaves outside. Consistent raking and disposal are still not a match for leaves often making their way into your home. Unless I pick up leaves on a daily basis, they some find their way into my house and bring with them dirt and debris. Over time, this dirt can build up within the grout lines of my tile floor. I get a head start on dirt demolition by having the pros at Zerorez come to clean and polish my floors and re-seal my grout. I recommend this to you! This will remove dirt and chemical buildup and leave your floor polished and like-new.

I love hosting a homecoming party or having family over for the holidays, but it means tracking in a lot of extra dirt and mopping up a lot of spills. I have my upholstery cleaned by a Zerorez technician who will focus on stains within the fibers of my furniture. Cleaning with Zr™ Water also makes my furniture resistant to stains in the future and leaves the upholstery safe for my family and pets. I love the fresh, clean smell with No Residue® left behind.

Controlling dirt and smells this Fall doesn't have to take a lot of time. Call in the pros at Zerorez to help you eliminate dirt and odors in your home. You can book online at Call or go online to see our best Fall cleaning specials.

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