Noroviruses Stick In Carpet For A Month

It's true. Professional journalist and investigator Nicholas Bakalar found that the norovirus likes to stick around, especially if you aren't too fond of cleaning your carpets. The Center for Disease Control noted that the norovirus survives for around 28 days in a dry environment. The way to combat this infestation is simple. Hire Las Vegas' Top Rated Local® carpet cleaning company Zerorez® to thoroughly clean your carpets as soon as possible.

The stomach flu is unpleasant. Once you battle it, you don't want to risk it coming back for you or your other family members. Yet many people do not take the appropriate measures to protect their home. As the CDC found, the norovirus can live for 28 days if untouched. The lifespan is cut in half with a thorough vacuum. But 12 days is still a long enough period of time for a norovirus to infect another. 3 studies done by the CDC advised steam cleaning to thoroughly remove the virus.

Steam cleaning offers a plethora of benefits to your home and your health. To start, it significantly decreases the likelihood of further infection by harming the environment in which the norovirus survives. We know that carpet cleaning is the last thing on your mind as you recover from the stomach flu, but it will help the health of your home.


Bakalar is an avid scientific writer of nonfiction books and articles for The New York Times. The 30 day statistic was taken from his book, Where the Germs Are: A Scientific Safari.

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