Pet Odor Removal: A Job for Zerorez®

There are few things better than bringing a puppy or a kitten home for the first time. Their adorable little paws and whiskers are too cute. In the blink of an eye, that perfect moment gets a dose of reality when you find a pool of urine now soaking into your carpet.

The fact is, pet odor removal can be a very tricky thing. Especially tricky are older stains that may have been hidden and not handled in a timely fashion. Try as you might to use home remedies, these often do little more than cover up the unpleasant smell or maybe reduce it. Why? Because home remedies generally only treat the upper layer of the carpet. As our friends at Zerorez of Boise say, "Even a golf ball size spot on the surface can be a basketball-sized problem underneath, and that stinks!" We may even get used to these smells in our homes, but our friends do not, and it is easy for them to detect.

Pet Odor Removal by Zerorez

Here at Zerorez, we have a professional approach that we guarantee will remove pet odor. Our plan does not focus on the surface alone. We also take into consideration your carpet padding and the floor base under your carpet. We eliminate the odor-causing substances and do it all through a safe green approach that is not harmful to you or your pets. How do we do it?

There are several steps in our pet odor removal process, but first, we have to find the urine spots.!

We find pet stains by using a high powered professional black light flashlight that readily reveals where these odor stains are coming from. Urine has something in it that is phosphorescent when our light shines on it.

Next, we will test the stain by using our Zr™ Water on the spot. If you have not heard about our incredibly unique, so safe you can drink it, Zr™ Water, you should watch the video located here.

However, even our standard Zr™ Water may not be enough to eliminate the odor under the surface, which means it is time to take out the Zerorez sub extraction tool, and the Zerorez odor and urine treatment fluid. Let's first talk about the fluid.

Just like our Zr™ Water our odor and urine treatment fluid is pet and child safe ; but incredibly powerful. This fluid does an incredible job of removing pet odor. We will apply the fluid to the affected carpet, ensuring that the padding and floorboards are also treated, genuinely eliminating the unpleasant pet smell from your home. We are not done yet though; now it is time to use our sub extraction tool.

The Zerorez Sub Extraction tool has an incredibly powerful suction force allowing our technicians to quickly suck up urine treatment fluid that has now absorbed the pet odor. The device is also transparent so that our technicians (and you) can see the stain as it is being removed from the carpet, and our technicians do not stop until we can visually see that there is nothing left to extract.

In the end, we guarantee that our pet odor removal process will eliminate any pet-related stench in the carpet of your home!

Watch a news segment where our friends at Zerorez Tucson explain the pet odor removal process.

See how excited our customers are about having a pet odor free home

We know our process works, but that's what every carpet cleaning company says about their process. So don't take our word for it. Below are just a few of our customers who now have a pet odor free home:

"Zerorez gives great service and it's great for my pets (and me) I really recommend this company. Heard about their pet -friendly cleaning method after my dog repeatedly got sick after carpet cleaning from well-known carpet cleaning chain. Been using them about eight years with great results every time." Boris Goldmund

"My carpets are more than 13 years old and, of all things, white. I've tried several other services and Zerorez gets them clean every time, without odors or harsh chemicals. They even get out the coffee and pet stains! I just hired them for the third year in a row." Roseen Scharnagl

"Best carpet service I have had so far. My Technician was very professional, friendly and accommodating. Loved the results. We have several dogs, They were able to take care and remove all traces of their mishaps. Thanks again,,, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED" Colleen Driscoll

"The carpet hadn't been cleaned in a couple of years. We are hard on the carpet with dogs and birds walking around. There is ground in dirt from dirty shoes in heavy traffic areas, and a lot of food and drinks has been spilled. A bad case of diarrhea that I couldn't clean up thoroughly myself prompted the call to the carpet cleaners. I was very pleased and thankful they did such a good job of disinfecting the carpet. All the built up bird droppings and ground in dirt was gone. Because birds are highly sensitive to toxic chemicals, we wanted to be sure carpet was cleaned with 'green' cleaner and nothing was used that would harm the birds. The carpet is good quality, but is 25 years old. I had given up on it. After it was cleaned, I remembered how good the carpet originally looked and realized it has several more years of life. The clean carpet also inspired me to do a full house cleaning. The response was quick and the service was nice and efficient. I will use this company again." Janet Boeninger

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Let Zerorez eliminate your pet odor problem once and for all. We know we can find and eliminate your pet stains in a way that is safe for you, your family, and your pets.

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