Professional Leather Furniture Cleaning: Process & Costs

Regular professional leather furniture cleaning and maintenance are essential because grime, grease, skin acids, oils, ink, and perspiration leave annoying stains.

Cleaning leather furniture at home doesn't seem like rocket science until the products you trust result in dryness and cracks or staining.

According to manufacturers, your leather furniture should be deep cleaned and conditioned by a professional at least once a year or more for high and medium usage to prevent drying out, staining, ripping, cracking, or fading.

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Read on to know why you should hire a professional, the cost, and what to expect.

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Professional Leather Furniture Cleaning

Since leather is more durable than regular fabric, it's also more expensive. There are varying types of leather, so there are no "one-size-fits-all" cleaning kits.

Too much water, ammonia, bleach-based cleaning products, or sanitizing sprays or wipes could damage the leather furniture. Most store-bought products may also cause dryness and cracking.

A leather cleaning expert begins by doing the necessary tests to determine if your furniture is made of aniline, full-grain, split, top-grain, or bonded leather to determine which leather cleaning kit to use.

Cream is used to clean leather couches professionally because it removes inks and dyes, oils and grease, and general soiling.

After washing the furniture, an expert treats it with a leather conditioner to keep it soft and supple.

At Zerorez, leather couch professional cleaning involves four major steps:

  • Leather pre-inspection
  • Soil suspension
  • Extraction
  • Groom and dry

1. Leather Pre-Inspection

We begin by determining your leather type through visual, touch or feel, surface scratch, moisture, and cleaning cream tests.

For example, when water becomes dark and dries clear, it's a sign your furniture is made of aniline leather.

If the cleaning cream becomes dark and dries dark, your furniture is made of nubuck leather.

With these tests, you can rest assured that we know our job and only use safe cleaning products to protect your leather and extend its lifespan.

Finally, in the pre-inspection step, we remove dry soil from your leather furniture using a horsehair brush.

2. Soil Suspension

Depending on the kit, we may combine the cleaning cream with conditioner or use the premium leather cleaner, conditioner, and leather protector separately.

A premium leather cleaner with a low alkaline (nearly neutral pH) breaks up dirt and oils trapped in the leather pores.

Applying the cleaner to a dry microfiber cloth and using it to clean the couch from the top down helps to suspend all the soil.

The leather conditioner helps rehydrate the leather, making it supple, smooth, and crack-free. It also protects the leather from stains, grime, and dust, keeping it clean longer. Conditioning is the most important step when it comes to cleaning leather.

3. Extraction

For a smooth feel, we use a dedicated microfiber cloth to remove the cleaner, leaving the leather furniture without a tacky or sticky feeling.

4. Groom and Dry

Once all is said and done, we replace all the cushions where applicable.

a worn leather couch before professional leather couch cleaning services from Zerorez, in a real customer's home

a professionally cleaned leather couch after it was professionally cleaned by Zerorez, in a real customer's home

How Often Should You Clean a Leather Couch Professionally?

To determine how frequently you should clean your leather couch professionally, consider how frequently you use it.

  1. Low Usage: Once each year
  2. Medium Usage: Twice a year
  3. High Usage: 3 to 4 times a year

Professional Leather Couch Cleaning Prices

Professional leather couch cleaning charges range between $150 to $500 depending on the size of your furniture, leather type, and amount of work involved.

Leather couch charges are higher compared to other upholstered materials as they involve more steps and care.

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