Raging Waters

Sacramento is a place of old culture and an abundant history. From old town Sacramento to all the classy new additions, there is much to be seen while traveling through this beautiful city. Museums, historical land sites, and even the capitol building stand for intelligent discovery, but with all this history that exists here, there is also much fun to be had here. It can be difficult getting children to enjoy sightseeing and exploration that adults traveling through the area are aching to discover, which is why raging waters is one of the most family-friendly sights that exist in Sacramento and should be added to anyone's agenda that is passing through the area.

Raging Waters is one of the biggest water parks in the California area and has existed for more than 30 years. The safe and watched over environment allows parents peace of mind as they enjoy the warm weather or even join their kids in the fun. The enclosed area provides everything from giant water slides to splash parks and has many features that appeal to all ages! The excitement and adventure you can find here will have your family begging to come back for another day filled with water and fun.

This park is located in the Heart of Cal Expo and is easy to find. With over 25 exhilarating water attractions and over 800 feet of lazy river, you are sure to find an attraction that you can't get enough of! The wave pool and treehouse reef are a favorite among the locals and allow safety for adults and kids alike. Safety breaks are provided every hour for 15 minutes. These brakes allow guests to hydrate, use the bathrooms, and ensure they aren't over exhausting themselves. Although there are always lifeguards on duty, it is important to be aware of your children's whereabouts and ensure that they are safe and protected. Make sure to bring plenty of water and drink a lot to avoid getting any heat sickness.

Some of the favorite attractions at this park include the Hurricane Bay Slide and the Hammerhead. Hurricane Bay sends its riders down a 6 story tube of complete darkness. Navigating the twists and turns, this thrill will have you wondering what comes next until you plunge into the cool pool at the end of the ride. The Hammerhead, on the other hand, sends you down on top of a tube. Whether a single rider, or a double, the bounces and bumps of this slide are the peak of excitement and will have you wanting to ride it again and again. Along with these riveting rides, Roaring Waters also offers smaller areas for the little ones to run around and play in. The Shark Pool has a depth of only 2 feet allowing the young ones a safe place to swim and explore.

From giant slides to a relaxing ride through the lazy river, this park provides fun that the whole family will enjoy. One visit to the Roaring Waters Water Park will have everyone begging to go back. So next time you pass through Sacramento, consider stopping by at one of the coolest attractions there is. Trust us when we say, it won't disappoint!

If water parks aren't really your kind of thing, make sure you go visit Sutter's Fort! You will love the rich history and artifacts found here. Here at Zerorez®, we feel blessed to be located near so many wonderful attracting and history sites.


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