The Best Way to Deal With Pet Stains

Dogs are man's best friend, cats are a cute and comforting companion, and any other little rascal that runs around your house is probably there because you enjoy their company too. No matter what pet you have, they all come with messes to clean up after. Muddy paws get tracked through the house, they pee or poop on your carpets or furniture, and they leave behind a furry wonderland everywhere you look. Of course, you will love your pet no matter what, but what is the best way to get rid of their stinky problems that you don't love?

There are three things that you should consider when deciding on the best way to clean up pet stains around your house. First, is this cleaning method safe for me, my family, my pets, and my home? Second, how long will this cleaning last? And third, will this cleaning treatment get unpleasant smells to go away for good.

A Safe Cleaning

As much as you think it would be safe to assume that all pet stain cleaning treatments are safe for you and your pets, that assumption is incorrect. Many solutions that are used to release stains are full of harsh chemicals. Even soap and detergents can be harmful and cause rashes when particles are left behind in carpet fibers after cleaning. Our goal here at Zerorez Bay Area is to provide the members of our community with a pet stain cleaning solution that is green and completely safe for you, your family, your pets, your home, and even the environment.

Our safe cleaning process for pet stains and messes is all made possible by our Zr Water®. Zr Water® is the heart of the Zerorez revolutionary cleaning technology. It is electrolyzed oxidated water that has the ability to clean without the use of high-residue soaps, detergents, shampoos, or chemicals. This cleaning substance is powerful enough to clean better than soap.

A Cleaning by Zerorez Stays Cleaner Longer

Experiment says that a cleaning by Zerorez gets 200% more crap out of your carpet than traditional carpet cleaning companies while leaving no residue behind. The residue that is left behind in the carpet fibers by traditional carpet cleaners creates a sticky substance that then attracts dirt, debris, and germs. That's not how cleaning should be! When you get your carpets, upholstery, and other surfaces cleaned, you should expect that the cleaning will improve the state of your carpets, not cause even more problems. That's why a cleaning by Zerorez truly is the best way to deal with pet stains and messes. A cleaning by us leaves behind ZERO residue, which leads to a guarantee that your carpets will stay cleaner longer.

Destroy the Unpleasant Smells!

A pet owner's number one complaint is "How do I get pet smells out of my home?" This has been a problem that has plagued pet owners since the beginning of time and Zerorez has the answer. Traditional carpet cleaners often only address the visible animal waste on top of the carpet but leave a much larger problem underneath the carpet. They will simply mask remaining odors by spreading perfumes, oils, or other odor masking agents around the cleaned area. The problem with this is that these agents offer only temporary results to fix your problem of unpleasant smells. This is traditionally done because they do not have a permanent solution for cleaning and eliminating odors in the carpet backing, padding, and the floor's subsurface. At Zerorez we have come up with a solution that will do much more than simply mask unpleasant smells. Our non-toxic, food-grade Zr Water® is simply made to destroy unpleasant smells, on the surface and far beneath, permanently instead of just hiding them.


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