10 Reasons Your Floor Makes Your Feet Black & What to Do About It

Have you ever noticed your feet turning black after walking around on your flooring for a few hours? It may prompt you to ask, "Why does my floor make my feet black?" and you're not alone in that question.

People don't generally expect to see their feet black or super dirty after walking around in their house, especially if it doesn't seem that dirty or you just cleaned.

The truth of the matter is that there are a lot of reasons why flooring can make feet black, and in this post, we'll dive into some of the main reasons and what you can do to make it stop.

Why does my floor make my feet black?

There are many possible reasons your feet are black after walking around your home barefoot. These include:

  1. You walk around barefoot
  2. Your floors are dirty or dusty
  3. Your feet don't like your flooring, especially glossy laminate flooring
  4. Your cleaning products are leaving behind a film which attaches to your feet
  5. You are using the wrong cleaning product for your flooring
  6. Your mop bucket or mop head aren't clean so mopping leave dirt behind which your feet pick up
  7. Your feet are wet or soapy or oily and attracting all the dirt off the floor
  8. Your hardwood floor sealer's dark pigment is staining your feet
  9. Your floor mats are wearing out and its transferring remnant onto your feet
  10. Some rare medical condition or indication of a health problem

These are similar to the reasons why tile grout turns black. Most likely, it's a combination of one or more of the above reasons. Below are some tips that can help you deal with having black feet in your own home, which will provide such a sense of relief!

Close up of barefeet in black and white
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What type of flooring causes feet to turn black?

We've seen hardwood floors turning feet black, laminate floors turning feet black, and even vinyl floors making feet black.

No matter the type of flooring, they can and will turn your feet black!

Why does my tile floor make my feet black?

Like any other flooring type, your tile floor might just need a good cleaning. Depending on the color of your tile floor, you may not know just how dirty it is though. Darker colored tile is going to hide the dirt, which in turn will stick to the bottom of your feet.

A good cleaning can easily take care of any dirt and grime that might be lurking on your floor, which will then take away the darker coloring on the bottom of your feet.

Why is constant mopping leaving my feet black?

No matter how clean you think that your mop and water are, there is a good chance that there is dirt in the water that will then dry on the floor. When that dirt dries on the floor, the dirt will then come off on your feet.

To prevent this, make sure your mop bucket is clean and make sure your mop head is clean and you regularly clean and/or replace them.

The soap that you are using might also be creating a film, which in turn could turn your feet black.

black man mopping floor barefoot with blue mop in a white room
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The last reason that your feet might turn black after mopping the floor is if the floor is still wet and you're walking across it. The suds stick to your feet which attract loose dirt from all around the house.

To avoid this soap film or soap attracting to your feet, try a different mopping soap, use less of it, or forgo soap altogether to ensure Zero Residue® and just mop with hot water.

Consider changing floor cleaners to avoid black feet

Another factor to keep in mind when it comes to cleaning your floors is that you need to consider the cleaner that you're using.

Some cleaners will cause a film on the flooring, which can cause the bottom of your feet to turn black.

If you have tried a new cleaner and are just now noticing that the floor is turning your feet black, that is a good indication that your cleaning product is the culprit.

What to do when your floor makes your feet black

Now that you know why your feet may be turning black on your floors, here are several things you can try to remedy your floor turning feet black:

  1. Regularly sweep and vacuum (yes vacuum even hardwood floors)
  2. Sweep the floor well before mopping
  3. Use less soap, no soap, or a different mopping solution (see: how to mop hardwood floors)
  4. Hire Zerorez® for a professional hardwood floor cleaning service
  5. Make sure cleaning products are appropriate for your flooring
  6. Apply a different floor sealer
  7. Wear socks, shoes, slippers, or shoe covers
  8. Apply a lotion or cream to the bottom of your feet
  9. Replace your floor mats
  10. Use area rugs and mats in high-traffic areas
  11. Change your air filters
  12. Hire Zerorez to professionally clean your air ducts
  13. Dust your home regularly, including ceiling fans and vents

The key is to make sure you are using clean cleaning supplies, the right cleaning chemicals for your floor and your feet, a high-quality hardwood sealer, and mats in good condition, along with a clean HVAC system.

Speak with your doctor if your feet are still black

Sometimes, the bottoms of the feet can turn dark or black, and it can be an indicator of a serious problem.

If after you've tried all the options above and you are still noticing that your floors are black, it might be time to talk to your doctor and make sure that you aren't having issues with circulation or some other disease.

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