Why Zerorez is better than the other guys

Why Zerorez is better than the other guys

What the other guys do VS. What we do to keep your carpets cleaner longer.

There are plenty of carpet cleaning services available and your search for the "right one" could be overwhelming... Here's why people trust our cleaning process and why we outrank the competition time after time, leaving you with cleaner carpets that stay cleaner longer.

Why Your Carpets Feel Dirty Even After the Other Guys Clean

You may think that carpet cleaning services are all the same, but there are a few ways that our competition leaves your carpets lacking after a cleaning. Traditional carpet cleaning usually consists of one of the following 3 cleaning methods.

1. Drench & Vacuum:

Also known as "steam cleaning", this process floods your carpets with hot water and cleaning solutions such as soaps and detergents. A high-powered vacuum is then used to suck up the dirty water.

Un-extracted water can seep below the fibers and into your carpet's pad and backing, which can result in the growth of mold and mildew. Not to mention that this cleaning method has exceptionally long dry times

2. Dry Carpet Cleaning:

This cleaning method sounds like it would be great since it's "dry" but it is actually a combination of cleaning agents and sometimes a little moisture used as a base on your carpets. Counter-rotating brushes are used to work the "dry solution" into your carpets and then it is removed with a high-powered vacuum.

Disappointingly, this cleaning process can actually increase airborne pathogens within your home and result in the buildup of dust over time. Additionally, This method can't reach deep below the surface and often leaves your home with a half-cleaned feel

3. Encapsulation Cleaning:

The encapsulation process uses an acrylic polymer to break down dirt, debris, and noticeable stains from your carpet. The cleaning solution is applied to your carpets by an agitating machine and then left to dry. This later results in a crystallizing effect that is meant to remove your carpet's residue and provide long-term treatment.

This method keeps unnecessary cleaning agents stuck to your carpet fibers and requires routine vacuum cleanings to remove the embedded solution. With so much additional ongoing maintenance, this method can often be counterproductive.

Why We're Different than the Other Guys

While traditional carpet cleaning methods that leave you frustrated and unsatisfied may "work" for the other guys, we've broken with tradition and created our own cleaning process that has been lab-tested and scientifically proven to leave your carpets looking and feeling cleaner for longer.

The Patented Zerorez Cleaning Process™

To kickstart the cleaning process, our Zr lifter® acts as a pretreatment for your carpets, loosening up embedded dirt and debris below the surface with its powerful counter-rotating bristles. Next, unlike traditional cleaning processes where there are two (or more) different machines, our Zr wand™ ensures we leave Nothing But Clean™, as it simultaneously cleans and sucks back up unwanted dirt, debris, and toxins with our revolutionary Zr Clean™️. All you're left with is fresh and fluffy carpets!

The secret behind our revolutionary cleaning process is our Zr Clean™️! It's simply electrolyzed water that provides you with the deepest clean for your home, without using harsh chemicals or detergents that leave sticky residues or soaps behind. It's completely safe for kids and pets and dries significantly faster than our competitors since we use less water in our cleaning process and don't flood your carpets.

At Zerorez, we don't use harsh chemicals and detergents, we don't flood your carpets, and we don't leave behind any residue. We are committed to groundbreaking cleaning techniques and environmentally friendly methods. It's this sort of commitment that sets us apart, and why we have earned the Platinum Certification from the Carpet and Rug Institute. With Zerorez, you can count on Insanely Clean™ carpets—that's The Right Way To Clean™.

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