Wintry Tile

There's no question: winter is tough on tile. For one, in the wintertime, your hard surfaces can get a little cold, so you're more likely to wear shoes when walking on them, and that causes you to track in dirt and other debris which starts to discolor the grout. Secondly, if you have tile and grout, it's most likely situated in the entryways to your home, like the front and back doors and leading out to your garage. So when you walk in and stomp that powdery snow off your feet, it melts and mixes with the dirt to become mud. This is even worse after you've salted your driveway, resulting in salty mud.

But what happens to that salt/mud mixture? Does it just sit there on the tile until you get a chance to mop it up? If you're super-quick and clean it up immediately, then maybe. But what's more likely is that by the time you grab that mop and start to clean the tile, that muddy water has already soaked into the highly-porous grout, making it turn dark. While your mop is an excellent tool for cleaning the dried salt lines off of the tile, it just isn't going to cut it with your grout. So what do you do?

You talk to the professionals. Here at Zerorez®, we have special techniques and equipment that allows us to pull all of that mud and dirty water out of the grout lines, thus restoring them back to their original color and cleanliness. Thus, we not only clean your hard surfaces, but we actually dig in and giving your grout lines that deep clean they really need.

So don't be afraid to keep using that mop to clean your tiles, but make sure you call your professional hard surface cleaners here at Zerorez to deal with those difficult grout lines. And we have good news for the Indianapolis area! All throughout the month of January, we're offering to clean your tile and grout for 25% off! That's powerful hard surface cleaning for only 75 cents per square foot! That's a deal that may just be a bit too good to pass up. Stay clean, Indy.



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