BioProtect 500

Keeping your home safe and germ-free has never been easier with Zerorez® Anti-microbial Protector*. EPA listed and FDA approved, our nano-technology disinfectant can help your home stay clean and germ-resistant for months at a time. While some microbes are good, that doesn't mean we need to let them grow without abandon in our homes.

Zerorez® Anti-microbial Protector is designed to keep your home and family safe and germ-resistant for several months. Safe to use on all your surfaces, and safe for kids and pets (except for fish). We can keep you clean and safe, and make your life easier, with fewer chemicals to worry about.

*We use BioProtect500 as our Zerorez® Anti-microbial Protector.

How it works:

Using patented nano-technology, microscopic, germ killing "spikes" are applied to clean surfaces. These spikes attract and kill microbes from bacteria to viruses, molds and fungi. The long-lasting effects (up to 90 days on most used surfaces) keep your home sanitary with less need of chemical disinfectants.

The Zerorez® Anti-microbial barrier will help to reduce the spread of germs, and keep your home smelling fresh and clean.

Clean first
Apply Zerorez® Anti-microbial Protector
Live your life
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Clean first

The CDC recommends cleaning surfaces prior to the application of disinfectants for the best results.

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Apply Zerorez® Anti-microbial Protector

Application is fast and easy, and is generally safe to use within minutes of application.

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Live your life

Live free, knowing your home will stay germ-resistant in the future!

Where to use Zerorez® Anti-microbial Protector


Safe for use on keyboards, phones, tablets, remote controls, and car electronics

High-tough surfaces

Use on high-touch surfaces like light switches, doorknobs, faucet handles, and countertops

Flooring and other large surfaces

Safe and effective on carpet, rugs, tile, wood floors and walls

Safe and Effective

  • EPA and FDA registered and approved
  • Helps indoor air quality
  • Invisible, undetectable. Nano-technology that can't be seen or felt
  • Safe for kids, pets, and you