Zerorez® Premium Fiber Protector

For Surfaces That Get Lived On!

When good quality carpets and upholstery leave the manufacturer, they have a protector applied to the fibers. Protectors help to keep dirt from sticking to the carpet, sofas, and drapes and protect form stains and other soils. They improve vacuuming efficiency and make cleaning up life's little accidents easier.

As good as these protectors are, none of them are permanent. They wear off or are weakened by:

  • Age and everyday foot traffic
  • Harsh cleaning and spot removal agents
  • Deodorizing and disinfecting sprays and treatments
  • Ozone and other pollutants
  • UV rays and other environmental factors

Zerorez® Premium Fiber Protector will help you keep your carpet and other fabric textiles stay cleaner and stain-free longer. Each time your carpet and upholstery is professionally cleaned, reapply Zerorez® Premium Fiber Protector to prolong the life and your enjoyment of your valuable investments.

Not protecting your surfaces leaves them more vulnerable to:

  • Permanent stains
  • Worn-looking traffic areas
  • Spills that won't clean up easily
  • Soil that clings to the carpet and upholstery

What will Zerorez® Premium Fiber Protector do for me?

Zerorez® premium Fiber protector will give you the highest level of protection available today for your carpets, rugs and your upholstery. It can help to keep your fabric textiles looking and performing showroom fresh. Treated carpets are safe for your kids, grandkids, and your pets to play on.

  • Protect against accidents
  • No more unsightly spots and spills that won't clean up
  • Traffic lanes won't damage as quickly, and will stay more uniform to your other carpet
  • No more panic over guests tracking in soil or spilling their food and drinks
  • Your carpet, rug and upholstery investments will look great until YOU are ready for a change, rather than replacing them prematurely because of soiling, wear, and stains

Why is Zerorez® Premium Fiber Protector the world's best carpet and furniture protector?

Zerorez® Premium Fiber Protector restores your carpet and furniture to like factory-new condition by providing ALL of the protection, including dye blockers, originally applied during manufacturing.

Zerorez® Premium Fiber Protector contains the best technology in PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) coatings, and does not contain POAS, often considered the dangerous part of Teflon coatings. Properly applied and used protector won't "leach" into your skin or cause damage to you or your family's health. While we wouldn't recommend drinking the concentrated protector, once dry, Zerorez® Premium Fiber Protector will protect your carpet in-between your regular cleanings.

How Zerorez® Premium Fiber Protector works

Zerorez® Premium Fiber Protector is best applied to new or freshly cleaned textile surfaces. Let it dry, and then get back to life!

Clean your surfaces

Apply Zerorez® Premium Protector

Let it Dry

Get back to life!

How will all this make my life easier?

  • Makes spot and spill clean-up easy and painless
  • Your carpet, rugs, and upholstery will last longer. Zerorez® Premium Protector reduces wear and abrasion, especially in high traffic areas
  • Makes subsequent vacuuming faster, easier, and more efficient
  • Allows more time to clean up spots and spills, reducing the likelihood of a permanent stain
  • Leaves your carpet clean, bright and fresh
  • Protects agains almost anything you can eat, drink, or track in
  • Safe for children and pets