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Professional carpet cleaning services are much needed if you want to keep your carpet looking its best.

Traditional Carpet Cleaning Services

Many carpet cleaners in Cleveland, TN use traditional cleaning methods on carpet that can cause damage and even shorten the life of your carpet. Shampooing carpet is a very traditional way of cleaning. It is done by using soap to scrub the carpet and release dirt and grime from the surface. The biggest issue with this carpet cleaning method is that in exchange for releasing dirt from the carpet fibers, a soapy residue is left behind. This soapy residue then attracts even more dirt and grime over time. We never ever recommend choosing to clean your carpet by applying soaps, detergents, or shampoos. They will only attract more dirt in the long run.

You need to choose a carpet cleaner carefully in order to ensure the local carpet cleaning company is not using soaps or detergents on your carpet.

The Zerorez Difference

Green Carpet Cleaning

Zerorez® Carpet Cleaning is unlike any local carpet cleaning company in Cleveland. Not only are we unique, but we are also revolutionary! Unlike traditional carpet cleaners, we do not clean with shampoos, detergents, or harsh chemicals. Our patented Zerorez® process has been developed with you, your kids, and the environment in mind. We use our carpet cleaner,Zr™ Water, which is water that has been electrolyzed to clean floors better than soap. When applied to the carpet via low-pressure spray, our Zr™ Water loosens deeply embedded dirt and grime. Between our patented cleaning process, Zr™ Water, and effective cleaning tools, you are sure to experience the greatest professional carpet cleaning of your life.

Because of our cleaning process, your carpets will have a deep, long-lasting cleaning without having any residue left behind. No more crunchy carpets! No Residue Means Cleaner Longer®! Schedule with the best carpet cleaner in Cleveland, TN, today!

Rug Cleaning Cleveland

Area rugs are delicate and vulnerable to fraying. Our technicians know all about area rug cleaning, so we provide safe and effective professional-grade services for your most prized possession! Area Rug Cleaning can be done in-house or on-site with our patented Zerorez® process, which is gentle enough to preserve life but powerful enough to remove deeply embedded dirt. Whether you need a shag rug, Persian rug, braided rug, or oriental rug cleaning, Zerorez® can do it all!

Pet Stains and Pet Odor Treatment

Zerorez® has the answer to pet owners' number one concern of how to get pet odors out of their homes. Traditional carpet cleaners often only address the visible animal waste on top of the carpet but leave a much larger problem underneath the carpet. In addition, traditional carpet cleaner companies simply mask remaining odors by spreading perfumes, oils, or other odor masking agents that offer only temporary results. This is traditionally done because they do not have a permanent solution for cleaning and eliminating odors in the carpet backing and pad and the floor's subsurface. At Zerorez® Cleveland, we have come up with a solution that will do much more than simply mask unpleasant smells. Our food-grade Zr™ Water is simply made to destroy unpleasant smells permanently instead of just hiding them.

In some cases, a normal carpet cleaning process using our Zr™ Water may be all that is needed, but in more severe cases where the urine has soaked through the carpeting packing and into the padding, more work may be required. We have a specialized method that helps us remove these difficult pet odors and stains. We attack the problem in your home from the bottom up, clean the subsurface, seal the floor, replace your carpet pad in extreme cases, and of course, use our highly effective natural enzyme that eats away the residue of your pet's accidents and eliminates odor permanently. Have your carpets cleaned by Zerorez® today! Zerorez® - The Smarter Way To Clean Carpets™.

Revolutionary Cleaning Services
Offered in Cleveland, TN

  • Professional carpet cleaning
  • Area rug cleaning services
  • Tile and grout cleaning services
  • Upholstery cleaning services
  • Hardwood floor cleaning services
  • Pet odor treatment
  • Commercial carpet cleaning services

Cleveland, Tennessee

Cleveland, Tennessee, is a city in Bradley County, Tennessee. The city is named for General Moses Cleaveland, who surveyed the area in 1796.

Today, the population of Cleveland was 41,285 at the 2010 census. People who live in Cleveland enjoy many nice amenities, including a great golf course and park system. They also love their library and enjoy the beautiful wildlife refuge.

The community is proud of its history as well as its modern amenities. People who live in Cleveland take advantage of their location near Lake Winnepesaukah Amusement Park, where they can find fun for all ages.

A number of wonderful neighborhoods are located throughout Cleveland, each with its own style and charm. People who live in the city enjoy a good balance between urban living and the charm of rural life.

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