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A Smarter, Lasting Clean™

Traditional cleaners use soaps and harsh chemicals that leave a sticky residue, attracting dirt over time. Our patented technology cleans with Zr™ Water - a powerful cleaner that is completely safe for people, pets, and the planet. When you call the Experts at Zerorez, you will enjoy surfaces that stay cleaner and longer without dirt-attracting residue.

Zerorez® Carpet Cleaning Fort Worth TX

Starting out with humble beginnings as a cowboy town in Texas, Fort Worth has completely transformed into a lively, fast-growing city. Fort Worth has stayed true to its roots by keeping a traditional cattle and oil background, while also embracing a bit of change as the population has grown. Prior to getting a railroad to come through town, Fort Worth was fairly isolated. With the introduction of the railroad, a city began to grow. Since then, our town has truly blossomed into a hub for new businesses and communities. People travel to Fort Worth to enjoy Stockyards National Historic District for a fun, western-themed shopping experience. We are also known for our Water Garden that features a gorgeous fountain, and our Botanic Gardens that feature many native and non-native plants to the area. Whether you live in Fort Worth or not, it's safe to say that this city is a unique, and beautiful historical destination.

Cleaning Services Provided in Dallas and the Following Surrounding Areas

Zerorez® Carpet Cleaning Fort Worth is happy to serve its community. We use a special, innovative process to deliver you with A Smarter, Lasting Clean™. Our list of services includes:

Carpet Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Area Rug Cleaning

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Hardwood Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Fort Worth

With the development of the city, there are a lot more homes and businesses in the area. Keeping your home or office space clean is easy with Zerorez®. We use innovative techniques to leave your home cleaner than we found it and with No Residue®! Our state-of-the-art process allows us to harness the power of alkalized water with the same pH as soap, delivering an effective cleaning solution that doesn't leave the sticky residue behind. Zerorez® Carpet Cleaning Fort Worth TX is ready to transform your carpets after just one cleaning service.

Upholstery Cleaning Fort Worth

One of the most important things to keep clean in your home is your upholstery. What gets more use than your furniture? Relaxing on your couch or chairs at the end of a long day is one of the best ways to unwind, but that means that you are likely using it daily. Our dead skin, anything we have carried inside on our clothes like dirt and dust, and even sweat all get left behind on our furniture, whether we realize it or not. That's why upholstery cleaning is so important to keeping your home in the best condition.

What Fort Worth is saying about Zerorez

Jesse came out today to clean our carpets and tile. He was very friendly professional and did a great job! We highly recommend Jesse and Zerorez!

~ David

Our technician did a great job cleaning 3 rooms of carpet. Excellent service. Thank you

~ Hadie

Area Rug Cleaning Fort Worth

Area rug cleaning has come a long way, thankfully. Traditionally, people would hang their area rugs and try to beat all the dirt out of them. These days, you can just send your area rugs away with one of our Zerorez® technicians who will return it to you fresh and clean without the intense manual labor on your end. While we do recommend vacuuming your area rugs often to keep the fibers strong and eliminate some of the dirt that builds up, an area rug cleaning is necessary for extending the life of your rugs.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Fort Worth

Aside from professional carpet cleaning, Zerorez® also performs professional tile and grout cleaning. Natural stone has tiny pores where dirt and grime can get trapped. No matter how many times you mop, you can really only pick up dirt from the surface. That means those pores continue to gather and hold dirt, leading your tile to look dingy and lose its shine. With Zerorez®, your tile and grout will shine once again. We use a high pressure water system that forces the dirt and grime out of those pores, and then we finish off with a polyurethane sealant to protect your tile going forward.

More About Zerorez® Fort Worth TX

Zerorez technicians are the Experts in the Science of Clean™. We tackle many spots in your home to leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. We are happy to offer our community of customers mattress cleanings, air duct cleanings, and pet odor treatments. Zerorez Carpet Cleaning Fort Worth proudly serves its community with the best quality of service in the industry. Our technicians are dedicated to restoring your home back to cleaner than before, and delivering you with brighter carpet, shinier surfaces, and an overall healthier environment.

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