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Unlike Zerorez® carpet cleaning Grand Island, most traditional carpet cleaning companies offer nothing more than cleaning with harsh chemicals, soaps, and detergents. Many popular methods use carpet steam cleaning or carpet shampooing. The problem with these carpet cleaning methods is that these substances leave behind a residue in your carpet that acts as a dirt magnet! You and your carpet don't deserve that! You deserve to have professional carpet cleaning services done by trained technicians who know what they are doing. Our experienced technicians here at Zerorez® are specially trained to understand how to effectively get the gunk and dirt out from deep in your carpet. Guarantee clean carpet that will last longer by calling Zerorez® Grand Island! Upgrade your method of cleaning carpet today!

Professional Rug Cleaning

The Zerorez® rug cleaning process is certified Platinum by the Carpet & Rug Institute. Our team uses the gentlest products to clean your delicate rugs, and we treat the delicate fibers of fine and specialty rugs with extreme care. Not only do we clean your rugs in a way that restores their vibrant colors and protects them from further wear and tear, but we also use products that are environmentally friendly and safe for all the pets and people who live in your home. Zerorez® really is the best rug cleaner in the Grand Island area.

No Residue®, No Stress

The carpet cleaning industry has been cleaning, to a large extent, the same way for the last 50 years. These companies add a detergent to the carpets and then extract the dirt from the fibers. But for years, carpet cleaners have been leaving sticky, dirt-attracting residue behind after cleaning. As a result, over a short period of time, dirt, grime, and fecal matter work their way back into the carpet and can even leave the carpet looking worse than before it was cleaned. The solution? Clean without soap! Our Zr Process™ includes Zr Water®, which put simply, is water with a hydroxy molecule attached. Our Zr Process™ cleans better than detergents but dries like water, leaving zero residue® behind in your carpets. This eco-friendly method leaves your carpets and other surfaces cleaner longer and provides a cleaner environment for your family and pets.

Your Local Pet Stain Remover

When you come across a pet stain that is too big to handle on your own, let us do the dirty work and clean up the mess. When you choose to clean with Zerorez®, you can sit back, relax, and know that you are in good hands. Our Zerorez® cleaning technicians are highly experienced at what they do. They will be able to treat your carpet in a safe, thorough way and will not damage your carpet. In addition to that, our cleaning process will completely eliminate any odors that tend to linger along with pet stains. Other carpet cleaning companies will spread oils or perfumes to mask the smell - but that doesn't last forever. Here at Zerorez® carpet cleaning Grand Island, we don't simply mask smells only to have them appear again later. Instead, we clean in a way that completely removes pet odors from the carpet (and even carpet batting, depending on the seriousness of the accident). So don't waste one more minute worrying about what pet carpet cleaner you will buy or how you are going to solve your pet's messy problems. Zerorez® has you covered!

What Grand Island is saying about Zerorez

The technician was nice and quick! Did a great job... Will definitely use them again.

~ Michael Jamison

Their website was well done and easy to use. Their customer service was outstanding. They were punctual, courteous and attentive. Will call them in the future.

~ Andra Jefferson

Tyler was our technician and he did an AWESOME job. He went over the areas I wanted cleaned and he addressed all my questions/concerns. The best part was he addressed the areas that were to be cleaned by their correct name, like my 3 season room, very impressed since most people refer to it as the sun room/porch. My house smells great and I will continue referring and using Zerorez.

~ Dawn Hinkle

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Grand Island, NE

Grand Island, Nebraska, is a city 148 miles west of Omaha and 72 miles north of the Kansas-Omaha state border. Grand Island is not actually an island itself but gets its name from an island on the Platte River just a few miles away. This city has been a landmark for travelers since the 1700s. The Hall County Courthouse in Grand Island was built in 1908 and still stands today as a beautiful historical building. It no longer serves as a courthouse but as a post office!