Carpet Cleaning Lake Nona. FL

Carpet Cleaning Lake Nona, FL

Here at Zerorez®, we believe that a healthy home starts with clean carpets. Nothing cleans more thoroughly or protects your investment better than our revolutionary, patented, and green carpet cleaning services. Our carpet cleaning process has been lab-tested and proven to clean at the highest levels. The traditional methods that many professional carpet cleaning companies use include carpet shampooing, carpet steam cleaners, or other unproductive methods. These methods soak your carpets in tons of water, soaps, detergents, and harmful chemicals. Zerorez® is unique and revolutionary! Our eco-friendly cleaning system uses only Zr Water®, and it leaves behind absolutely Zero Residue®!

When our technicians arrive for professional carpet cleaning service at your home, they start with a thorough inspection of your carpet. Then, they spray a non-toxic, food-grade enzyme on your carpets to eliminate, not cover up, unpleasant odors. Following the enzyme, they will clean your carpets with Zr Water®, our powerful cleaning solution that is simply water that has been electrolyzed (electrolyzed reductive water) - it is even safe enough to drink! Once the cleaning is finished, we dry your carpets quickly. Our clean carpets dry incredibly fast compared to traditional carpet cleaning companies! Our incredibly fast drying times are good news for you because that means you can get back to your routine in no time.

Revolutionary Cleaning Services Offered in Lake Nona FL

Revolutionary Cleaning Services Offered in Lake Nona Zerorez® is the best Lake Nona carpet cleaning company the area offers because of our revolutionary cleaning services. In addition to our professional carpet cleaning that is safe for kids, babies, pets, and the environment, Zerorez® offers more professional cleaning services that will improve the health and cleanliness of your home. Those services provided in Lake Nona include:

  • Carpet cleaning services
  • Area rug cleaning services
  • Oriental rug cleaning
  • Tile and grout cleaning services
  • Upholstery cleaning services
  • Sofa cleaning services
  • Pet odor removal services
  • Hardwood floor cleaning services
  • Granite floor cleaning services

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstered furniture such as your couch, recliners, and ottomans attract tons of bacteria and filth. Why? Because they are made up of materials with porous surfaces. Each time you take a nap, watch a movie, or read a book while cuddled up on your furniture, things like sweat, dander, or dirt find their way into the fabric. All these nasties build up and cause unpleasant odors. Upholstery cleaning is essential to keep your furniture cleaner and in tip-top condition! Our cleaning technicians at Zerorez® know how to treat different types of upholstered furniture, despite your upholstery's fabric, make, and colors.

Area Rug Cleaning

Area rugs add such a unique personality to a home. Area rugs can be made from various fabric types and are no small investment. Area rugs must be cleaned with care to preserve their delicate fibers, colors, and designs. It is crucial to have the best carpet cleaning company clean your area rugs to keep them in the best shape. Our Zr Water® helps remove dirt and debris that is deeply embedded in the fibers of your rug. You will not believe your eyes when you experience a Zerorez® area rug cleaning!

Tile and Grout Cleaning

If you are searching for the best grout cleaner in the Lake Nona area, look no further! Zerorez® offers tile and grout cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning, granite cleaning, and natural wood floor cleaning! Instead of spending hours on your hands and knees scrubbing, or moving soapy water around with a gross mop, call Zerorez® for a revolutionary tile grout cleaner that is harsh chemical-free! Our Zr Water® combined with our patented cleaning process leaves behind Zero Residue® and restores the beauty of your floors.

No Soap Lingering to Attract Dirt

Our Zr Water® technology allows us to clean and refresh your surfaces without the use of detergents or harsh chemicals, which means your carpet stays cleaner longer, unlike other Lake Nona carpet cleaning companies.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Zerorez® Lake Nona carpet cleaning will clean a small area for free, so you can decide. We want to make sure your experience is as easy as possible. Therefore, we will clean and test a small area of carpet for free, and if you don't believe how well the process works, then you decide whether to continue with the rest of the service or not. No hassles and no worries.

Lake Nona, Florida

There may not be a place more trendy than Lake Nona anywhere in the State of Florida. Lake Nona is a planned community of elegant family homes, bungalows, and gated communities. This area offers the best amenities with world-class tennis events at The USTA National Campus. You can even sign up to take tennis lessons on this campus. The Nona Adventure Park is a family-friendly park with wakeboarding and a floating obstacle course. On the south side of the community is Boxi Park. Boxi Park is where locals gather to enjoy food truck-style eateries, live music, and volleyball courts.

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