Carpet Cleaning Kissimmee. FL

Carpet Cleaning Kissimmee, FL

At Zerorez® carpet cleaning Kissimmee, we focus on each individual customer. We put ourselves in your shoes to understand what you want and expect from us. We appreciate the time and effort you take to schedule your appointment and walk us through the job. We repay that investment by listening to you and doing everything in our power to take care of your needs. Of course, we also use our patented cleaning process, which includes Zr Clean™️, and is completely unique to Zerorez®. The Zr process™ leaves your carpet truly clean. We understand that you want a spotless carpet, not just one that looks clean. Other cleaners that use harsh chemicals are harmful to the carpet fibers themselves. Much worse, those chemical agents can be bad for the environment and the people who live in it. With a Zerorez® clean, your carpet will look clean, beautiful, fluffy, and it will smell great! You can be confident in a more healthy and clean carpet.

An Affordable Clean

Most people wait as long as possible before they spring for professional carpet cleaning because they can be intimidated by the cost. We don't blame them - some carpet cleaners charge an arm and a leg.
At Zerorez®, though, we actually help reduce carpet cleaning costs over time thanks to our Zr process™ that includes Zr Clean™️. We strive to leave your carpet cleaner with no residue left behind, which means it doesn't collect dust or dirty footprints in high traffic areas. Better still, our services are designed to add years onto the life of your carpet, so you won't have to pay for a replacement as soon. All of this comes with honest, upfront price quotes.

"No harsh chemicals. Pet stains removed where other products left a mark. Very professional and knowledgeable technician. I wish all service personnel I used in the past was as dedicated to their job as he was. He cared about the service he was...

~ A.B.

"Very accommodating and very professional. My daughter's room/carpet looks like new again!! :)"

~ T.R

"I would never put a surfactant on my carpet. Your powered water approach leaves no residue. the spots are gone and don't come back. Techs are educated and know their business. Highly recommend!"

~ J.M.

Kissimmee, FL

Just south of Orlando sits the city of Kissimmee, Florida. With a population of ~74,000, Kissimmee is the largest city in Osceola County. According to, "Kissimmee is a family-oriented destination known for its off-the-beaten-path adventures, endless sunshine and proximity to world-famous theme parks." For thrill-seekers, possibly one of the greatest perks of living in Kissimmee is that it is just minutes away from Universal Orlando, Walt Disney World, and SeaWorld. Things you can do in Kissimmee besides drive down the street to a theme park include kayaking in Shingle Creek Regional Park, stroll down Old Town Kissimmee checking out shops, attend The Town of Celebration events downtown, or spend the afternoon at Kissimmee Lakefront Park. Photo by Ebyable at

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