Property Managers

Services For Property Managers

Are you a property manager? ZEROREZ® wants to work with you!

ZEROREZ® is the fastest growing carpet cleaning company and wants to show Property Managers how easy a "move out" "move in" can be. Property Managers will be amazed that you don't have to spend potential profits to replace carpet and other surfaces in the rental property. IT CAN BE CLEANED!

ZEROREZ® has the most effective steam cleaning system in town. Zr™ Water is a non-toxic, soap free, high PH water! Zr™ Water is used only by ZEROREZ®. Zr™ Water eliminates the use of toxic chemicals, detergents, or soaps to clean the carpet. It knocks out hard to clean traffic lanes. It's a safe and effective cleaning for your clients. It's greener than a green clean.


We clean more than just carpets. We clean:

  • Upholstery
  • Tile and Grout
  • Air Ducts
  • Area rugs

All with our 30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee. So, when we say it makes "move out" / "move in" easier

We Guarantee It!

We also have ways to eliminate odors from past tenants such as:

  • Smoke
  • Unknown smells
  • Urine

We want you to experience the abilities of our energetic and well trained technicians. We want you to ask any question. Our technicians will show you everything that we have to offer. After we show you the best cleaning you have ever experienced, we will gladly set up a Net 30 payment method for future services. We can bill you for all your accounts via e-mail. If you have a lock box or key placement plan you don't even have to be there for the cleaning. We are bonded and insured and understand the security of a vacant home.

Just Make the Call!

After you have experienced ZEROREZ®, we are confident that you will use us again and again. We offer a 10% off total bill with our realtor discount. That's right. You get 10% off EVERYTHING you do.

Here are a couple of our Property Managers that use us frequently.

Eric Chernoff with Raleigh Cary Rentals

Eric has used us for many of his properties and has had his clients (home owners) rave about the life of their carpet.

Phone: 919-228-9492

Jackie Levert with Arrow Homes LLC

Jackie, along with Eric has used us on many of her homes. She is more into restoring homes and selling but has saved a lot of time and money on her properties without having to replace carpet.

Phone: 919-523-2150