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Why Zerorez?

Zerorez is not like other carpet cleaning companies. Don't believe us? See the difference in the photo and watch the video below. We performed a special experiment with a boot machine showing how much better the patented Zerorez cleaning process is when compared to other carpet cleaning companies after 6 months of wear. We use something called Zr water instead of harsh chemicals or soap. This not only will clean your carpets better, but it also will not leave residue that will attract dirt and grime after your carpets are cleaned.

The other great thing about using Zr water is that it is safe. Other carpet cleaners use chemicals that you wouldn't want your kids or pets to be around, so why would you want that in your carpet? Our cleaning solution is so safe, you could even drink it! Eliminate the risk, and give Zerorez a call or set up your appointment today.