Revolutionizing Controlled Pressure Tile Cleaning

Controlled In-Home Pressure Washing For Your Tile!

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*Restrictions, room minimums, and service minimums apply. A $25 water treatment & disposal fee is applied to every booking. A kitchen or area size limit of 200 square feet applies. Free bathroom is closest to kitchen. Additional charges may apply for larger rooms, areas, or surfaces. Cannot be combined with any other discount or offer.

Legendary Tile Cleaning In Action And Real Client Testimonials To Back It Up

"We had Zerorez come to clean our tile floors in the kitchen and bathroom. We could see that the tile was darker after 8 years of use. Now that our baby is crawling everywhere we want the floors as clean as possible. The difference is...
"We have a lot of tile that really needed a good cleaning especially the grout. Everything smells so clean! We highly recommend them"
"Zerorez just cleaning and sealed our tile floors. The difference is amazing. They were professional, courteous, prompt, friendly, thorough, and did really good work. I look forward to having Zerorez come back again. I have to say, it hasn't...
"Cleaned my tile and grout, as well as some of my stone flooring. Excellent job, great price, and my technician was wonderful and gave me tips on floor care. I will definitely use Zerorez again!"

Your Floors Stay Cleaner, Longer With Zerorez®

Mopping your floor surface with traditional cleaning products spreads soil around, removing only what sticked to your mop or cleaning device. Over time, the soil that is left behind on your floor not only darkens your tile and grout, it also creates perfect conditions for germs and bacteria to multiply.

ZEROREZ® uses Zr Water® at high, but safe pressure to remove soil and restore the color of your grout. Our process creates a controlled pressure washing environment that leaves absolutely stunning results! Finally, you have the choice to apply our proprietary surface sealer to protect and beautify your floor for years to come.

Clean Your Kitchen & Bathroom with Zerorez®

If you are serious about giving your kitchen and bathroom tile a proper, thorough, and safe cleaning, Zerorez® has the best solution. Here are Zerorez® SoCal, we use green technology to protect your home, family members, and the environment. Instead of using soaps, detergents or harsh chemicals like many other cleaning companies, our patented cleaning system uses Zr Water®. This revolutionary cleaning agent cleans more powerfully than soaps or hash chemicals yet is safe enough to drink! Zr Water® truly is the best tile and grout cleaner! So let Zerorez® SoCal make your life easier by scheduling an appointment with us to come and give your tile the proper cleaning they have been silently begging you for.

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