Why Is Your Tile and Grout Sticky after Mopping?

Have you ever walked into your home to realize your tile floors just don't have the same shine that they once did?

Naturally, you may get the urge to mop your tile floors to help bring back their shine. And while it looks shiny when wet, you may find that your floors still look dingy, and now your floors feel stickier than before and you may even notice your floor making your feet black!

But why would cleaning your floors cause them to feel stickier?

Zerorez® has the answers on why your floors might be dull and sticky, plus how you can get rid of the residue and reveal brighter, shinier floors!

before and after Zerorez<sup>®</sup> professional tile and grout cleaning

What kind of mop cleaning solution are you using on tile?

Floor cleaner is not one-size-fits-all. In fact, if you aren't careful, your floor cleaner could be causing more harm than good.

Using the wrong products for your floor surfaces can certainly damage them or create a film on your floors. Chemical solutions from the store generally tend to be more harmful than beneficial to grout because they can slowly erode the protective barriers used to keep your floors in good condition.

What's worse is that these chemicals aren't actually good for you to be inhaling, anyway.

Avoiding harsh chemicals is better for the overall health of your home. Try using natural products for your own health, and your floor's health.

Is less mopping solution and water actually more when tile cleaning?

If you find that your floors are sticky after cleaning them, it could be that you are oversaturating your floors with the cleaning solution you are using.

Your mop may not be able to lift all the cleaning solution off of the floor, which means it is drying on the surface of your floor and creating a film that feels sticky and keeps your floors looking dull and can even lead to yellowing grout or even black grout lines if you are using too much water or cleaning solution and not removing it well afterward.

Next time you mop, try using less cleaning solution to yield better results.

Have you cleaned your mop or changed the water?

Mop water can only last so long before it becomes just as dirty as the surfaces you are working so hard to clean.

Once the mop water becomes dirty, you no longer lift dirt from the floor, you just spread it around. Mops can only pick up surface level dirt, and only as much as the fibers can hold. That means that much of the dirt and grime gets left behind, leaving you with sticky floors that still need to be cleaned. Cleaning your mop and the mop water during the process can help you maximize the effectiveness of your efforts.

How to get rid of sticky tile floors

That's where Zerorez professional tile and grout cleaning comes in.

We get to the root of the problem by cleaning your floors with a solution that leaves Zero Residue®.

We first start by using our Zr® Lifter to loosen up the embedded dirt and grime in your grout and tile.

Then we use a high pressure water jet, we spray an alkalized water solution on your floors that reaches more surface area than mops can. When we are done cleaning your floors, we can seal your grout and your hard surfaces with a protective coating that will give them higher shine and keep your floors clean for a longer period of time.

Ditch the sticky floors and the endless labor, and call Zerorez to schedule your tile and grout cleaning.


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