How to Get Urine Smell Out of Vents and Air Ducts

If your pets are untrained, they can urinate anywhere in your home, even in the air ducts and vents! Mouse or cat urine in air ducts can be particularly disgusting; and potty training kids doing it can be quite aggravating! Whatever the source, urine in the heating vents can give the entire house a foul smell.

Are you wondering how to get urine smell out of air ducts?

Hiring a professional air duct cleaning company like Zerorez® is the best way to eliminate the air duct smell for superior results and a whole system clean.

But below are some additional tips on how to eliminate pee smell from your ducts.

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How to Get Urine Smell Out of Air Ducts

Getting urine smell out of the air ducts can be tricky, especially because pets like to repeatedly urinate in the same spot. This often means the DIY methods provided below may only work for a couple of days.

Hiring professionals may be the only long-term solution you want to consider.

Turn off the Vent and Clean It

  1. Turn off the system, unscrew vent covers, and remove them.
  2. Apply water and dish detergent onto a disposable scrub pad and clean the heat vent covers and the ridges. Apply soap on a cleaning brush if the vent is coated with urine.
  3. Thoroughly scrape the urine stains off the surfaces.
  4. After the system dries completely, spray hydrogen peroxide to disinfect the remaining microbes and kill the bacteria.
  5. Vinegar can help neutralize and mask the ammonia-like urine odor, and stop the pet from urinating again.

To DIY, you can also use vinegar and baking soda (1:1) to clean the vents and neutralize the odor.

You can also use a pet urine cleaner or wipe the heating registers, vents, and ducts using warm water and a mild detergent.

Choose the Best Cleaning Solution

Avoid ammonia-based cleaning products. Since ammonia products leave a smell similar to that of urine, your pet will consistently mess up the air ducts because he thinks that's where he should pee.

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Some cleaning products are unsafe for the ducts; they lead to wear and tear over time.

Choose cleaning solutions that thoroughly cleans the mess and eliminates all odors without compromising your health or the quality of the ducts.

Harmful cleaning products are redistributed into the air; inhaling them endangers your life. It can be hard to get effective, healthy cleaning solutions in stores which is why we strongly recommend hiring professionals to help with air duct cleaning. Some products could damage the entire system or cause respiratory problems.

Hire a Professional Air Duct Cleaning Service

Air ducts are delicate, and using the wrong products or methods to clean them could cost you more than planned.

Suppose the condensate line or the evaporator coil is causing an air duct smell. Eliminating these smells is challenging, and only a professional should handle these issues.

The best way to clean animal urine from air ducts is to hire a professional cleaning company. At Zerorez, we offer professional air duct cleaning and exceptional pet odor treatment services.

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Zerorez knows what's best for your ducts and indoor air quality.

Regular maintenance of the ducts is paramount as it helps stop urine smells from returning. If you hire a professional duct cleaning company, the smell shouldn't return, especially if they use the best cleaning products and use a deodorizing treatment on your system.

Whether cleaning pet, child, or mouse urine in air ducts, using whatever cleaning product you find in the stores can be dangerous to your health and/or your ducts.

Don't take the risk if you're unsure what steps to take when cleaning the urine smell of air ducts or which products are safe. Air duct cleaning is worth it if you hire the experts at Zerorez. Call us today for exceptional air duct (and entire home) cleaning services.

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