What Type of Tiles are Best for Bathrooms?

Bathroom tile gets exposed to moisture, which can prematurely age some tiles or grout. Therefore, durability is critical. Here are a few of the best types of tile for bathrooms of all shapes and sizes.

Ceramic or Porcelain Tile

Ceramic and porcelain are available in a variety of looks. Either can be cut into different shapes and sizes, and the color options are nearly endless. These materials stand up well to water, so standing puddles after a shower or bath won't harm the surface as rapidly.

Limestone Tile

Limestone can give bathrooms a natural stone look. This aesthetic can create different moods depending on the rest of your décor, and the natural color goes well with just about anything. Remember, limestone must be treated to become moisture-resistant, or damage may occur over time.

Marble Tile

Marble brings a certain elegance to any room. It is available in different colors, patterns, and finishes, so it fits into a variety of different looks. Moisture doesn't affect marble very much, which makes it excellent for bathrooms.

Glass Tile

Glass tile is becoming more popular, and can give a sophisticated look if it's done right. Though this type of tile is incredibly durable and can last for many years, some regular maintenance is required. Glass tile does not incur long-term damage from water, but it should be kept clean to look its best.

How to Keep Bathroom Tile Clean

It's inevitable-you're going to have to clean your new bathroom tile early and often, no matter what material you choose. What's more, just about all tile is fixed with grout, which acts as a sponge for germs and grime. You can always do it the old-fashioned way, by scrubbing away with a toothbrush and some cleaning supplies, but there are many other solutions available to save you time and hassle.

Best Tile and Grout Cleaning Services

Instead of scrubbing your bathroom by yourself, a professional cleaning service may be a better option for you. Zerorez Las Vegas is your number one source for local tile and grout cleaning services. We can provide both cleaning and long-term protection services for all types of grout, tile, and natural stone. Our innovative cleaning technology is safe for people and pets, but relentless on residue, soil, and dirt.

Our processes have been fine-tuned to eliminate all visible and invisible buildup in your bathroom without leaving any soapy residue behind, which can attract more dirt down the road. Contact us today to find out the difference Zerorez® can make for you.

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