Why do some newly cleaned carpets get dirty again so quickly?

It can be frustrating to have your carpet professionally cleaned, only to have it quickly look dirty again. Most cleaning methods simply can't remove all the old hair, dust mites, dirt, soapy residues and chemicals. After the cleaning crew leaves, the gunk remaining in your carpeting acts like a magnet for a whole new layer of grime. Thankfully, there are ways to slow this process.

Let's look at the starting point. After just one year, even new carpeting can hold as much as one pound of dust, dirt and mold per square inch. Then there's the bacteria … the skin flakes … and other allergens. They all add up quickly to unhealthy grunge. And each time you walk on your carpeting, you're depositing even more to the build up. Whatever was on the ground, streets, floors and sidewalks in the outside world is now inside your home.

Now that you know what's buried in your carpeting, do you really want to remove your shoes before walking on it? Do you want your kids and pets playing on it?

Here are three tips for keeping your carpets cleaner for longer.

  • Put your carpets on a cleaning schedule. Vacuuming won't remove everything. Generally every three to six months is sufficient to remove the grime that's buried in your carpeting. To avoid leaving chemicals and soap residue behind, choose Zerorez. Our patented Zr Clean™️ encapsulates the dirt and residues that other cleaners miss, and brings it all to the surface where we can easily remove it.
  • Treat stains quickly. Stains can be more difficult to remove (or even become permanent) if they've been sitting for a while, especially if the sun is beating down on them. Pet stains contain damaging enzymes and proteins. You don't want them to eat away at your carpet fibers. Call a professional because using over-the-counter cleaners can set stains instead of removing them. Or, they may bleach your carpet.
  • Avoid the urge to walk on your clean carpets with bare feet. After Zerorez leaves, your carpeting will feel plush and cleaner. It's very tempting to feel the soft fibers between your toes. But your feet have natural oils that can rub onto the carpeting and attract dirt. Wear slippers or socks instead.

Once you've made the decision to clean your carpets, choose a professional service that will get the job done thoroughly and without harsh chemicals. We'll even apply a biodegradable, non-chemical product similar to the one that was on your carpet when it was new. It's yet another way we'll help you extend the life and beauty of your carpeting. Schedule your cleaning today. We're ready to help you create a cleaner, healthier home.