Boca Grande | FL

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Boca Grande, Florida

Boca Grande, a small city located on the Gasparilla Islands of Southwest Florida. The unique landscape and history make for a pristine destination for locals, tourists and travelers alike. The tropical shores and beaches provide an escape and this small community offers time away from the chaos of the big city. Translated in Spanish this town's name means "Big Mouth" and refers to the busy water pass that was used as a shipping gateway for many years. This business declined in the late 1970s as shipping became cheaper in Tampa and was no longer cost-effective in this location.

Boca Grande is known for its tarpon, a large fish that is native to the Atlantic and is considered to have one of the worlds best spots to catch these creatures. These fish pass through the Gulf of Mexico in congregations and are attracted to the Boca Grande pass, one of the deepest natural passes in Florida. Harpooning and Net's are the most common ways of catching these giant sea creatures.

Boca Grande is also home to a lighthouse museum that is located at the Southern tip of Gasparilla Island. This museum displays the city's rich history in fishing from its time as a fishing village in the late 19th century. Here are displayed old fishing gear and equipment as well as railroad travel that was commonly used by the villagers.

There is plenty to do in Boca Grande, even for those whose interest isn't sparked by fishing. Boca Grande is the home of a beautiful bike path that travels 6.5 miles through the beauty of this Island. Riding through Charlotte Harbor and the Northern Railway, viewing this island's history can be best done by traveling alongside the waterways and old railroads.

Along with this comes the beautiful beaches that this island offers. With marine life such as jellyfish, stingrays, and sharks, the Boca Grande waters can be an amazing place to explore, as long as cation is taken to the dangers of these animals. With all-day access to the sun, the sandy shores remain warm, guaranteeing that you will be able to take a dip in the warm water. Sun protection is advised as the temperature can get very high and heat sickness is always a possibility. But, as long as you travel safely, the Boca Grande beaches are guaranteed to be an experience that is not worth forgetting.

There are no gas stations on Boca grande which means that rather than travel by car, people instead commute by golf cart. This is the island's primary means of transportation and Golf Carts can be rented throughout the city for your access and convince. Most roads in the city are dedicated to golf cart transportation and heavy traffic flow can be seen in these vehicles. If looking to rent these carts keep in mind that there are rules that must be followed, just like any other road machinery. If you are looking to explore the abundance of history and beauty this environment has to offer then Golf Cart travel is the way to go!