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Traditional cleaners use harsh chemicals and soaps that leave behind residue, attracting dirt over time — the opposite of what you want after a cleaning. Our patented technology uses Zr Water® — it's soft water that's been electrolyzed and oxidized to extract dirt, grime and bacteria, keeping your carpets softer, safer, and clean longer.

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Carpet Cleaning Bonita Springs, Florida

On the southwest coast of the state of Florida, you will find the great city of Bonita Springs. This city is home to approximately 57,000 people. The city's original name was Survey because government surveyors camped by the Imperial River along their travels in the 1870s. After the area gained settlers and became an actual community, developers decided that the name Survey would not be appealing to people looking to buy their homes, so the community was renamed, Bonita Springs in hopes to drive more sales.

In the 1930s two brothers started an attraction called Reptile Gardens in hopes to draw tourists into the town during their travels down the only road that connected Tampa and Miami. In this attraction, they would display native plants, alligators, cougars, other wild animals. This attraction is now known as the Everglades Wonder Gardens and is still running today, but as a non-profit organization and wildlife rehabilitation center. Visitors that now take trips to see the Everglades Wonder Gardens will encounter flamingos, alligators, butterfly gardens, snakes, turtles, peacocks, other exotic birds, and more.

This tropical city on the Gulf of Mexico has been hit by three hurricanes in the past 26 years. After Hurricane Irma in 2017, Bonita Springs experienced significant flooding. Some parts of the city were flooded for up to three days. Even though disasters such as these are devastating, this one brought the community together. Neighbors invited friends into their homes, supplies were put together and given to those struggling to get by after the storm, and cleaning supplies were distributed to volunteers willing to help residents whose homes were damaged in the storm.

This beautiful tropical city of Bonita Springs has much to offer residents and visitors. From its natural wonders to its kind neighbors, all can be found in this exhilarating city on the southwest coast of Florida.