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A Smarter, Lasting Clean™

Traditional cleaners use soaps and harsh chemicals that leave a sticky residue, attracting dirt over time. Our patented technology cleans with Zr™ Water - a powerful cleaner that is completely safe for people, pets, and the planet. When you call the Experts at Zerorez® Carpet Cleaning Charleston, you will enjoy surfaces that stay cleaner and longer without dirt-attracting residue.

Cleaning Surfaces That Matter Most™

We don't just clean carpets. Zerorez® removes dirt from living spaces where you and your loved ones spend time, creating A Clean Home is a Healthy Home™. And, because we don't use soaps, detergents, or harsh chemicals which attract dust and dirt over time, your surfaces stay cleaner longer.

Zerorez Carpet Cleaning Charleston, SC

Have you had your carpets professionally cleaned only to find that they feel sticky and crunchy afterward? That's not what clean feels like. Truly clean carpets should feel soft, should look brighter, and they should stay cleaner longer.

That's why Zerorez Carpet Cleaning Charleston has decided to change carpet cleaning for the better. Zerorez has innovative cleaning technology that provides a deeper clean without the use of harsh chemicals while leaving Zero Residue® behind!

Looking to upgrade your cleaning experience from outdated traditional carpet cleaning companies to carpet cleaning services unlike any other? Choose Zerorez Carpet Cleaning Charleston!

Our Carpet Cleaning Services in Charleston, SC

What else can Zerorez do for your home? We don't just specialize in cleaning carpets! Our goal is to offer a whole-home cleaning service that is more effective, longer lasting, and healthier than traditional carpet cleaning companies. Our services include:

  • Carpet Cleaning

  • Rug Cleaning

  • Upholstery Cleaning

  • Vent Cleaning

  • And More!

Experts in the Science of Clean™

People and technology you can trust.

Our Clean Experts use the latest cleaning technology to help you experience a more thorough, longer-lasting clean.

Our Zerorez technology cleans with Zr™ Water - a powerful, safe cleaner replacing the need for soaps, detergents, or harsh chemicals that many traditional cleaners use. Without soapy residue bonding to carpet fibers, which attract dust and dirt over time, your carpets dry faster and stay cleaner longer.

Check out our customer reviews below!

  • Safe for People, Pets, and the Planet
  • Patented Zerorez Technology
  • Platinum Certification by the Carpet and Rug Institute

Carpet Cleaning Charleston, SC

What does a carpet cleaning with Zerorez look like? We keep our process simple and professional. One of our trained and certified technicians will walk through your home to assess the state of your carpet and get to work! The cleaning process involves a quick agitation, followed by a deep clean.

When you get your carpets cleaned with Zerorez Carpet Cleaning Charleston, you can expect brighter, softer carpets in just a short period of time.

Without the use of soaps and detergents, your carpets will not get flooded with products or water, leading to faster dry times and a Residue Free® clean!

Hear From Our Happy Customers

Frank was awesome! We hired Zerorez to clean about 220 square feet of area rugs that are heavily used by both humans and dogs. Frank let us know when he was on his way, and upon arrival he was friendly, courteous and efficient. And fast! We were...

~ Melanie L.

Josh, the General Manager, and Frank did an awesome job with our carpet cleaning! They were so professional and kind. Carpets look so great & they made sure we were happy before leaving, which is also a plus. We will be using them for all of our...

~ Britton M.

From the administrator who handled my call with care to Josh, the technician, who recommended the pet stain removal for the fun surprise our beloved dog mushed into our carpet, I was quite pleased not only with the excellent quality work,...

~ Fab Fun

Josh called to let me know he was on the way. Got here and was very nice. Explained the process, got set up and right to work. He did a great job! Was not phased when I asked for a couple of things to be added. Cleaned the carpet and the tile.

~ Sherry K.

Josh was very professional and friendly. He cleaned our sectional sofa and all 10 dining room upholstered chairs quickly and efficiently, feels fresh and glad we used their services!

~ Jeana P.

I loved my experience with Zerorez! Frank was super helped and very detailed in explaining the process. Our couch and rug look brand new!

~ Savannah C.

Great, friendly service. The treatment worked great while cleaning and eliminating the pet urine odor.

~ Charles S.

Zerorez customer service is great from making the appointment until the technician leaves your house. Technician was very thorough and didn’t rush. He also kept his invoice within the estimate. Our carpets look and smell so much better!

~ David P.

Fabulous job! My children’s bedroom carpets were dirty and stained. There were pet stains I wasn’t even aware of, until I saw them using the special light that the technician used. The Stains are gone. The Odors neutralized. New looking...

~ Vicki B.

Josh was on time, worked quickly, and did a stellar job! The best price and quality in Charleston.

~ Katherine S.

Excellent service, very knowledgeable technician. Arrived on time, did a great job!

~ JN Baker

Very good service. Great job on carpet and upholstery. Will definitely use again.

~ Debbie G.

Area Rug Cleaning Charleston, SC

Not sure how to take care of your area rugs? It's common for people to search for inexpensive rugs because they don't know how to keep them clean and end up replacing them often. Regardless of the price of your area rug, having them professionally cleaned can make them last longer and look great for years to come!

Zerorez offers area rug cleaning in the Charleston area to help people protect their home investments. For a gentle, yet effective clean, choose Zerorez! We use patented technology to clean deeply and give you a clean that lasts.

A Clean Home is a Healthy Home™

There's something about a clean home that makes you feel better.

Whether it's a nasty spill, a mess from your pet, or just too long since your last professional cleaning, with Zerorez®, you can have nice things again. We help homeowners set the stage for their best living by creating clean, healthy spaces free from harsh chemicals and residue. When you hire Zerorez, you can feel comfortable knowing we're removing dirt and grime from your surfaces. And, we're doing it safely without soaps, detergents, or harsh chemicals.

Our highly-trained Clean Experts coordinate with homeowners to inspect, plan, and clean surfaces in the home.

  • Safe for People, Pets, and the Planet
  • 30-Day Gotta-Love-It-Guarantee®
  • Highly Trained & Background Checked Clean Experts

Upholstery Cleaning Charleston, SC

The list of areas in your home that need cleaning feels like it goes on and on. Leave the big stuff to the experts! When you hire Zerorez to clean your upholstery, you free up your time and create a healthier environment for you and your family to live in.

Upholstery houses dead skin, oils from your body, and lots of dirt. Each time you lay down at the end of a long day, you deposit things from your clothes and skin onto upholstered surfaces, which can lead to a decrease in air quality and overall cleanliness.

When you get an upholstery cleaning with Zerorez, you get your soft and beautiful couches back. Let us revitalize your upholstery to give your home its sparkle back!

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