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A Smarter, Lasting Clean™

Keeping Your Home Clean in Clearwater and the Surrounding Areas

Traditional cleaners use harsh chemicals and soaps that leave behind residue, attracting dirt over time — the opposite of what you want after a cleaning. Our patented technology uses Zr™ Water — it's soft water that's been electrolyzed and oxidized to extract dirt, grime and bacteria, keeping your carpets softer, safer, and clean longer.

Cleaning Surfaces That Matter Most™

We don't just clean carpets! Zerorez removes dirt and grime from living spaces and surfaces throughout your home, where you and your loved ones spend time. And, because we clean with our proprietary Zr™ Water, which doesn't contain dirt-attracting soap, detergent, or harsh chemicals, your surfaces stay cleaner, longer.

Zerorez® Carpet Cleaning Summerville, SC

Are your carpets beginning to look dull and dingy? Many people forget about their carpets because of the gradual wear that happens, allowing it to go mostly unnoticed. Until dark traffic patterns and matted areas cause your home to look darker and more worn.

Most people will turn to traditional or DIY carpet cleaning methods, only to find that their carpets are left feeling sticky and attracting even more dirt. That's because these methods involve the use of harsh chemicals in the form of detergents and soaps that ultimately leave a residue behind. So what can be done to avoid this problem?

That's where Zerorez Carpet Cleaning Summerville comes in. Zerorez has implemented innovative technology to eliminate the use of harsh chemicals and instead use alkalized water with the same pH level as soap, giving it all the cleaning power without any of the residue.

Why Choose Professional Carpet Cleaning?

Let's face it; scrubbing at your own carpets feels like a waste of time, but hiring someone to do it only for your carpets to become sticky and crunchy doesn't seem much better. Professional carpet cleaning doesn't have to be that way. When you work with the experts at Zerorez Carpet Cleaning Summerville SC, you can finally feel good about your home's cleaning experience.

Professional carpet cleaning digs deeper. With our specialized process, we are able to reach the dirt and grime that has found its way deep into the fibers of your carpet, lifting them and revitalizing your surfaces. With the help of our Zr™ Water, we can easily clean your carpets to reveal brighter carpet that stays cleaner longer.

When you work with Zerorez, you can expect:

A Smarter, Lasting Clean™

Faster dry times

No harsh chemicals

30-Day Gotta-Love-It-Guarantee®

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Carpet Cleaning Services

Your carpets are the largest filter in your home, collecting dirt and grime off of your shoes, clothes, and even from the breeze that flows through your house when you open up the doors and windows. Show your carpet some love and gratitude with a professional carpet cleaning. When you have your carpets cleaned regularly, you can extend their life and keep your home feeling fresh and looking bright.

Upholstery Cleaning Services

Upholstery can come in all shapes and sizes, making it a tricky surface to clean. Unfortunately, it's one of our most used surfaces, especially our sofas. Getting a regular sofa cleaning helps keep your home feeling healthy and looking clean. Each time you take a seat on an upholstered surface, you transport body oils, dead skin, dirt, and other particles that can ultimately lead to wear and discoloration. Work with Zerorez for an upholstery cleaning that refreshes your space!

Our Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Zerorez might be known for carpet cleaning, but we offer a wide range of cleaning services to keep all the surfaces in your home clean. For a clean achieved without the use of harsh chemicals, turn the experts. At Zerorez Carpet Cleaning Summerville, we offer:

Carpet Cleaning Services

Upholstery Cleaning Services

Tile and Grout Cleaning Services

Area Rug Cleaning Services

And More

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What Summerville is saying about Zerorez

Excellent job! Between moving our furniture into storage and then moving it in our new home along with a two year old and our oversized boxer.... our couches had seen better days. William did such a great job! Every stain was taken up. Highly recommend!

~ Brooke Williams Charles

Zerorez was nothing short of phenomenal cleaning my stairs, halllway and 3 second floor rooms. Great customer service- great communication regarding setting up an appointment, calling prior to arriving at our home, quality of service and love the fact they can extract the dirt without chemicals or detergents. They cleaned an area rug of mine also, that had been spilled on many times by my darling sons and I didn't think it looked that terrible but they took a picture to show before and after. It was unbelievable how amazing it looks now! Thank you Zerorez for showing that great customer service is a priority of yours! I highly recommend!

~ Coreen Chizewski-Strickler

Yesterday Zerorez cleaned the tile in my kitchen and dinette. Wow, it looks new. I'll add a picture of the finished floor, the before is too embarrassing to publish. LOL. Carlos did a fabulous job and gave me some tips on keeping the grout clean. He also told me that the company will be cleaning leather in the near future. I need that done too. I'm so glad I found Zerorez and will be using their services again.

~ Mary Jo Fuller

Tile and Grout Cleaning Services

Tile cleaning might sound easy until you attempt it. Scrubbing and trying your hand at grout cleaning can take hours, if not days. Save your time, and your back, from the grueling work with the help of Zerorez. Our tile and grout cleaning is fast and easy, leaving you with sparkling surfaces.

Area Rug Cleaning Services

One of the most integral decorative pieces in your home is the one that often takes on the toughest messes. Area rugs are like magnets to spills and foot traffic wear and tear. Unfortunately, rugs aren't cheap, so replacing them each year isn't an option for most. Instead of throwing in the towel, call up Zerorez! Our cleaning experts can help you get rid of tough spots and discoloration, revealing your favorite area rug once again!

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