Air Ducts Giving You Problems?

Air quality in San Jose is generally good, but is that the case for your home? What many people do not understand is that the Air ducts of your home make up the air quality of your home. Clean and well-maintained ventilation systems can make your home a haven even when San Jose sees smog that is common in August and September. On the other hand, neglected air ducts can cause asthma and other health concerns to you and your family. Besides, poorly maintained air ducts could cause an increase in your utility bills because blocks can cause your HVAC system to run overtime to compensate for blockages caused by dirt and dust. Here at Zerorez, we use our incredible Zrā„¢ Water combined with our powerful whip lined system to ensure your air ducts provide your home with a sanctuary of fresh air. We make sure you can see the difference using our specialized cameras to show you before and after results.

How does an air duct system get dirty?

An air duct system works by transporting conditioned air from your HVAC system (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) throughout a network of insulated tubes that are connected to rooms of your home. These tubes may collect dust, dirt, or even mold over a period. This dust and dirt comes from everyday living and is merely unavoidable. It is said that an average household produces over 40 pounds of dust each year! This dust comes from us, our stuff, our pets, the list goes on. Sometimes these ducts will even become the unwelcomed home to critters that can cause significant health problems for you and your loved ones.

How can cleaning my ventilation system decrease my utility bill?

Sometimes air ducts will become clogged to the point that your HVAC system must work overtime to produce the desired results (IG temperature set to 76). When the built-up debris is removed, your system does not have to work as hard to deliver the programmed results. Sometimes this can reduce your HVAC power consumption by up to 20%.

How will Zerorez in San Jose clean my ventilation?

Here in San Jose, Zerorez will use our specialized camera and send it through your ventilation system so you can see what your air ducts look like before we start our cleaning process. Next, we run our powerful truck mounted whip line cleaning system through your entire ventilation system coupled with our vacuum system that uses over 15,000 cfm! Finally, we finish the job with our plant-based cleaner and spray it throughout your air ducts. This is an exclusive product of Zerorez, and we love it for its harmful material killing properties while releasing zero toxins into your home. At the end of the process, we run our specialized camera through your system again so you can see the difference our cleaning process makes. You will love the difference you see!

Protect your home by cleaning your dryer vents!

Dryer vents are a significant cause of house fires! Between 2010-2014 fire departments across the united states responded to 14,692 fires caused by clothes dryers, the most common reason being dust, fiber, or lint in the ventilation system. (As reported by the National Fire Protection Agency). 33% of all of these fires were caused by failure to clean the ventilation. The NFPA suggests having a dryer lint removal service come to your home at least once a year. In addition to your home HVAC system, Zerorez can clean out your dryer vents, creating a safer environment for your home.

What are our customers saying about their air duct cleaning?

"My service rep was amazing! Very professional and knowledgeable about HVAC system, which he was cleaning." Amirh Davis

"Great service! Always on time for the appointment. Very nice, pleasant and friendly service tech cleaned our air ducts. We could breathe clean air at home now. And most importantly, their cost is probably the lowest. Try to compare" Lina Ecdao

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