Carpet Cleaning Services Revolutionized

Zerorez® Bay Area is a carpet cleaning service like no other in the Greater San Francisco and Bay area, but can we claim that Zerorez revolutionized carpet cleaning? Let me briefly tell you why the answer is a resounding yes!

The Carpet Cleaning Revolution Begins

Our founders Gaylord Karren and John Hopkins were always needing their rentals cleaned after each new tenant that lived in their apartments. The problem is the carpet cleaning service rendered to Karren and Hopkins never really seemed adequate. They were always having to rip up and replace carpet that was just not that old. The cost to replace this carpet ended up being second only to payroll, over $100,000 a month! They decided there had to be a better way to clean carpet, and so they set off to re-imagine carpet cleaning services.

They discovered there were two significant problems with the current way the industry was cleaning. The first is that almost everyone in the industry was using detergents that were supposed to be cleaning the carpet. The second was that the current removal method was ineffective. They found that the detergents used to clean carpets would only leave a short-term fix for the carpet. You see soaps act like a magnet, and when the residue is left behind due to inadequate removal methods you may be setting your carpet up for more significant failure then had you left it alone! Karren and Hopkins new the problem; now they had to find a solution.

A Better Carpet Cleaning Service:

After years of research, they found their solution through inspiration from techniques used in the oil and gas industry. What was formed was the Zerorez Cleaning Process™. This patented carpet cleaning service is carried out in a three-step process. First, we use a counter-rotating brush to loosen all the dirt that has settled deep into your carpet's fibers. This process removes things like fecal matter, pet hair, allergens, and dust. Second, Zerorez uses a patented wand that completely rinses your carpet fibers and will not flood your floors. Third, we never put detergents that leave behind sticky, dirt-attracting residue into your carpet. We use Zr™ Water. This is simply soft water (yes, safe, life-giving water) that has gone through an electrifying filtering process that removes any dirt in the water, and "powers" the water with a sodium ion that creates a hydroxide molecule. This molecule is the powerful cleaning agent we use in our patented cleaning process. It is so powerful it will leave your carpets looking as good as new, but so safe you can drink it! Using Zr™ Watermeans your pets and children never have anything to worry about after you clean the carpets with Zerorez. The best part of all is that your carpets will now stay clean longer because there is No Residue® left behind in your carpet to attract dirt, grime, and overall filth; just a clean, fresh soft carpet for you to enjoy.

Don't Be the Last to Switch to a Better Clean:

We have thousands of happy customers right here in the Bay Area, and the majority of our customers are now returning customers. Our returning customer base is no surprise to us because we know our carpet cleaning service works. Here are a few remarks from our happy customers who have made the switch:

The Zerorez Cleaning Process™ is indeed the best option there is for carpet cleaning. We know it because it was developed to be precisely that. A solution that leaves carpets cleaner longer. We want you to give Zerorez a try and have this special offer for you:

"Best technician ever! Polite, informative, and took his time! My carpets look amazing! I am a Realtor and professionalism is so important to me! Andre's hit it out of the park! Your lucky to have this young man on your team!" (Karen Fink)

"I love your service-and you are the best proof that one doesn't need chemicals to remove stains! My carpets had not been cleaned in a long time, and the stains had become progressive more numerous. I was a little nervous about them, in fact. But Ricardo is a genius--he got out every stain. And it was quick, too--and the price was right. I will definitely recommend this company to my friends and neighbors." (Alix Schwartz)

"You have consistently done efficient, friendly, and excellent workmanship in cleaning my carpets over the past 10 years. This time (9/5/2017) Hondo was GREAT! Lived up completely to the reputation Zeroez has with me!!!!" (Laura Jo Sanchez)

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