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Are you living in San Jose and need your carpets cleaned? You are not alone, with a population of over one million there are about 500 households that will need carpet cleaning in San Jose today! Unfortunately, not all 500 households will get clean the right way causing headaches for them in the future. They will be left wondering why their carpets are so dirty after just having them professionally cleaned a few short months ago.

Carpet Detergents Are Your Enemy

Many people believe that all carpet cleaning companies are created equal, "All I need to do is find one that has good customer service and the lowest price.". The reality is there are so many carpet cleaners to choose from in San Jose, and some will leave your carpets worse off than they were before you cleaned! You would not be able to recognize this at first because your carpet may appear to be very clean and smell great, but in a couple months dirt will stick to your carpet and previous stains may appear! Sooner than you would like you will be calling the carpet cleaner back out to clean again. What causes this lousy cycle? It is the sticky detergent that is being left behind in your carpet. The residue from the soap is attracting dirt and grime to your carpet quicker than if that soap was never there in the first place!

How to Choose: Carpet Cleaning San Jose

Price is undoubtedly a factor in choosing a professional to treat your carpets, but it should not overshadow your search for quality. A quality carpet cleaner in San Jose can save you in the long run by ensuring your carpets receive the treatment they need so they do not collect dirt later - leading to costly carpet cleaning earlier than expected. You should first take a look at the cleaning method a company uses to treat your carpets. You can do this by looking at each company's website to see what they have to say. Next, see what their customers have to say about them. You can view reviews on sites like Google, Yelp, and Facebook to see what customers are saying, use caution when a company only has a few reviews; it is simple to fake a few reviews, but difficult to counterfeit many reviews. When you read the reviews, pay attention to what the customers are saying. As an example, if you have pets, you may want to try and find reviews by others with pets. Finally, there is a great resource online called, "The Carpet and Rug Institute". This company reviews products and services for all things related to a carpet. If a company passes their strict testing procedures, then the company receives a seal of approval. Here are The Carpet and Rug Institute's standards for reviewing a carpet cleaning company:

There are seven performance attributes SOA products are evaluated on:

1. Soil Removal Efficacy: How effective is the product at removing soil?

2. Resoiling: Does the cleaned sample attract soil at an accelerated rate or not? (solutions and systems)

3. Residual Moisture: Does the extractor or cleaning system remove most of the moisture that results from a wet cleaning process?

4. Surface Appearance Change: Does the product leave the carpet minimally changed after multiple cleanings? (vacuums and extractors)

5. Colorfastness: Does the product cause a color change in the carpet fiber? (solutions and systems)

6. pH Level: Is the level between 4 and 10 on a pH scale? (solutions and systems)

7. Optical Brighteners: Does the product contain optical brighteners? None are allowed for SOA certification. (solutions and systems)

As you can see the first three factors that The Carpet and Rug Institute takes into consideration when reviewing a carpet cleaner has to do with soil and residue removal and prevention. This should be a sign to you of the importance of choosing a company that removes not only dirt but also the residue in their cleaning process.

You Don't Just Want a Clean Carpet; You Want Your Carpet to Stay Clean!

With so many carpet cleaning options in San Jose, you will need to make sure you do your due diligence in choosing a quality carpet cleaning company. Make sure the company has a quality cleaning process and that their customers can verify that the cleaning process works. You want to look over the reviews to make sure that customers not only had their carpets cleaned but also that the carpet stayed clean. Go even further by checking to see if the company has a seal of approval from The Carpet and Rug Institute proving that their cleaning procedure passes a strict evaluation. Following these steps will ensure you get a quality carpet cleaner that will treat your carpets in a way that helps them stay clean longer.

Why Zerorez is the best option

Zerorez was created because our founder had a problem. No matter how many times he had his carpets cleaned his carpets would always get dirty again too quickly. He realized the problem was that the cleaner was leaving too much residue behind in his carpets, so he sought to find a better way to treat carpets. His research led to the invention of what we now call Zr™ Water.Zr™ Water is water that has been molecularly combined with sodium ions. When carpets are cleaned with it using our advanced cleaning system, they come out clean and bright, but best of all they have No Residue® left in them because there was no detergent put into your carpet in the first place! Because of this your carpet will stay clean longer saving you money and time. We go even further to help our customers know they are making the right choice and have a certified platinum rating from The Carpet and Rug Institute. In addition, we have thousands of reviews averaging over a 4.5-star rating our happy customers. Book online at today and take advantage located in the green box at the top of this page!

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