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Now you may be saying to yourself, "Oh yeah sure… you and everyone else have the best carpet cleaning service in San Jose." But what we have that others do not have is the ability to clean your carpet better than any business without using harmful shampoos, conditioners, or detergents. Yes, that's right, harmful. These chemical cleaners work well if you can get all of the cleaner back out of the carpet. The problem is getting these cleaners entirely out of the carpet is nearly impossible to do, leaving you with chemical RESIDUE that can be harmful in two different ways. First, they can cause harm to your family by leaving behind chemicals causing respiratory and allergy problems in some adults and additional problems for sensitive children and animals that are regularly low to the ground. Second, this sticky RESIDUE attracts dirt and dust which means your carpets are going to require cleaning again in a short amount of time. It is this RESIDUE that makes us different, or I should say that we leave ZERO RESIDUE. So what do we use?

Carpet Cleaning in San Jose with Zr Clean™️

Let me explain. We take ordinary tap water, and we put it through our patented machines that convert the standard water into Zr Clean™️ through a three-step process.

  1. We run the water through a softener that removes all the heavy metals and elements that would hinder the carpet cleaning process.
  2. We put it through a generator that splits the hydrogen atoms off of the oxygen atoms.
  3. We add sodium ions to these hydrogen atoms causing them to cluster together creating a hydroxide molecule. It is this molecule that lets us clean as efficiently as though we had detergent in the water, but without all the adverse effects that leftover residue causes.

Through this process, we not only ensure that your carpets are thoroughly cleaned but that they are cleaned in an environmentally and family friendly way. You never have to worry about toxins or chemicals left behind. Better still your carpets will stay clean longer thanks to the ZEROREZ® Zr Clean™️ approach.

Everyone is talking about ZEROREZ®

You don't have to take it from us. The ZEROREZ® Zr Clean™️ Carpet Cleaning process has received a platinum rating from The Rug and Carpet Institute (click here to see the requirements to receive a seal of approval)

If our cleaning rating is not enough, take a look at our 4.9-star rating on Google with over 100 ratings and counting! Why is everyone so excited about our cleaning process? Let's see what they have to say:

"I loved the idea of not having harsh chemicals and soapy residue that attracts new dirt. Honestly, our carpets look the best they ever had after a cleaning. They are 5 years old, but they look brand new. Even the areas that our last cleaner said would be impossible to clean fully look fresh and unstained. The cost was about the same as previous cleanings. The technician offered additional services like pet treatment and upholstery cleaning. But he did not pressure me into extras. I took the pet treatment and declined the upholstery (even though the couch does need to be cleaned), and there was no feeling of pressure. The technician was kind and thorough and friendly. I'll definitely be using Zerorez again." Laura Kohn "Carpet looks great, stains came out, but most importantly, the crew was professional, efficient, and didn't try the bait and switch that sometimes happens between estimate and work. Would recommend!" Jake Hoppe

"We have been extremely happy with the carpet cleaning Zerorez has done for us, at least four different times in the last two + years. We have a quality light colored carpet that is very old, and they get it amazingly clean. It really does last longer than any other cleaning service we have used through the years." Vern Storm

We take great pride in our work and always strive to give our customers an incredible experience that cannot be beaten. Combine our dedicated service with the powerful technology of Zr Clean™️, and now you know why ZEROREZ® is the best carpet cleaning provider in San Jose.

So give ZEROREZ® a try, and we will provide you with an incredible offer.

Get three rooms of carpet cleaned for just $119 and we will even include a free cleaning of 100 contiguous square feet of ceramic tile (limited time).

This is a deal that other carpet cleaning companies are hard pressed to compete with, so why do we offer it? We are confident that when you see the substantial difference that ZEROREZ® provides, you will become a customer for life. Over 60% of our work comes from return customers! We know that is because we give an unmatched service experience.

Need something besides your carpets cleaned?

With Zr Clean™️ we can clean any surface in your home. We can even wash your car interior!

Need help getting those tough stains out of your tile or grout? Give us a call and watch them disappear!

Have an old sofa that needs to be replaced because of all those stains? ZEROREZ® can make it look like new again!

Allergies giving you a hard time because you have not cleaned your air ducts in a while? You better believe that we do that too, and we do it using our green Zr Clean™️ process.

If you have pets, we even have a special treat for you. WE GUARANTEE we can remove all pet odors with our unique Pet Treatment Package. Learn more about it here.

View all of our services here.

Are you ready to get your carpets clean as new?

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