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Technology is an incredible thing, and few know that better than those of us living in Sunnyvale. Discoveries and advancements in technology are changing nearly every industry around us to be more efficient, more effective, and just plain better. So why should the carpet cleaning industry be any different? Carpet cleaning in Sunnyvale California should be keeping up with new advancements rather than using the same method from the 80's. That's what Zerorez founders thought when they were spending over a million dollars annually changing the carpet in their rental properties.

A New Discovery in Carpet Cleaning

Zerorez founders could not understand why the carpet in their rentals were always getting so dirty so fast. They tried every carpet cleaner in the area, and no one could keep them clean enough to "keep them on the ground". These carpet cleaners would come out and "clean" the carpets, but each time they did it seemed the carpet would become worse off than it was before cleaning it. What was causing this? It was the leftover residue from detergents and soap. Think about it, detergents and soaps act as a magnet, collecting dirt, dust, grime, and every other filthy particle that settles into your carpet. If you do not remove all residue from the carpet, then the residue will continually attract new filth. Needless to say, that's bad. Zerorez founders decided enough was enough and set out on a journey to find a better cleaning solution.

It took years of research, but what they finally found was an idea sparked by technology and techniques within the oil and gas industry. The process created is now simply known as the Zerorez Cleaning Process™, and it all starts with ourZr™ Water.

Better Carpet Cleaning in Sunnyvale

Zr™ Water is the cutting edge advancement in carpet cleaning Sunnyvale deserves, but what is it?

Zr™ Water leaves No Residue® behind, that means your carpets stay cleaner longer! It Your family and pets have nothing to worry about from our Zerorez Cleaning Process™. However, Zr™ Water is just the beginning.

The Zerorez Cleaning Process™ would not be complete without industry-leading tools to ensure even the toughest jobs don't stand a chance against our process. First, we use counter-rotating brushes to loosen all the filth that is stuck within the carpet fibers. This counter-rotating brush reaches deep into your carpet where household vacuums cannot reach. This process is essential because using detergents to whiten your carpet without pulling the dirt up and out is just asking for your carpets to get dirty again! Then, we use a patented wand that is built to push our Zr™ Water through your carpet and get it out, so you don't have to wait days for your carpet to dry. Our process leaves No Residue® or dirt behind, just a fresh, clean, soft carpet that stays clean longer.

Don't take our word for it

We know our process works and so do our customers. Here are just a few things our customers from the Sunnyvale California area have to say about our process:

"Patrick was great. He called about an hour before coming to my home so I knew when to expect him. I am very pleased with today's services as I always have been in the past. I use no other carpet cleaning company. My carpets always seem to stay clean much longer than with any other carpet company I have used in the way past." Donna Schroder

"Great customer service. Friendly and courteous. Nico was very knowledgeable. Listened to my concerns and wants about areas I wanted him to put extra work into. The worn down path on the carpet came back to life. The carpet looks great. The citrus smell was an added touch, no chemical smell--bad for my allergies. Will be using them again." T Thomas

"These guys were great! I would highly recommend them and I will be using them again next year. Carpets look new again, and I loved being able to stay home with the kids while they cleaned them. Safe for kids, and smells great. They were fairly quick too so it didn't interrupt too much of our day. Thanks!!! Carpets literally look new." Jen Hatch

We clean more than just carpet

We have a cleaning process for just about any surface of your home, and we always guarantee satisfaction.

Are there stains on your tile? Is your grout getting dark? We make tile look as good as the day you got it!

The Zerorez Cleaning Process™ can make your old sofa come back to life with the cleaning power of Zr™ Water.

One of our most powerful cleaning procedures is our pet treatment package. We don't just treat your pets carpet stain; we treat every layer of your floor to make sure the odor gets out and stays out once and for all!

If your allergies are getting worse, it may just be your air ducts. We have a process that transforms your air ducts from a nightmare to a dream, mostly because you get relief from sneezing and can get a good night's sleep breathing again.

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