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As a professional you know that few things will turn your customers away faster than an unclean environment. It doesn't matter if you are renting apartments, managing a restaurant, or the CEO of a bank; your professionalism is reflected in the cleanliness of your commercial property. However, why is it that cleaning your carpets has to be so often, that hits your bottom line in a category you never realized could be so expensive. We completely understand this dilemma because Zerorez was created to solve this problem!

Zerorez was made for commercial carpet cleaning!

Seriously! Here is the story straight from our corporate website (

The idea for Zerorez was conceived by co-founders, Gaylord Karren and John Hopkins in the early 90s while they were managing several thousand rental properties in Houston and Dallas, Texas.

Second only to payroll, the largest expense each month was the cost of replacing carpets. They had over 2.5 million square feet of carpet in their properties, and every time a tenant moved out, they needed to clean the carpets for the next tenants; but no carpet cleaner was able to clean the carpets well enough to "keep them on the ground." So, Gaylord and John were spending over $100,000 every month to replace carpets.

"There must be a better way," they thought, so they dug in and started researching. Come to find out, there were two major problems: the products used to "clean" with, and the ineffective removal methods.

Think about it: soaps attract and hold on to dirt-like dirt magnets-and you don't get ALL of that soapy residue out of the carpets, it continues attracting dirt, which causes the carpets to get dirtier faster, and eventually wear out.

Armed with this information, and ideas gleaned from techniques used in the oil and gas industry, Gaylord and John developed the Zerorez Cleaning Process™, designed to clean carpets and other surfaces the right way.

As you can see our founders were managing rental properties and believed they were spending way too much on cleaning carpets. They were right, but there was no current solution to keep carpets cleaner longer, so they developed it themselves!

The Zerorez Cleaning Process was made to help you save money!

There are two significant problems with the conventional commercial carpet cleaning process. First, soaps and chemicals are used to clean the carpet. Second, these soaps and chemicals are not adequately removed from the carpet leaving residue. It's this residue that causes you to pay so much for carpet cleaning because the residue attracts more dirt, meaning you are going to need your carpets cleaned again sooner, and you will think you have to replace your carpets more often!

The Zerorez cleaning process eliminates the use of soaps and chemicals that leave residue. Instead, Zerorez has discovered an incredible cleaning agent for carpets that we call Zr™ Water. Zr™ Water starts as ordinary tap water. We put it through machines that convert the standard water into Zr™ Water. This process is done in three steps

First, we will run the water through a softener that removes heavy metals and other debris that would hinder the carpet cleaning process.

Second, we put it through a generator that splits the hydrogen atoms off of the oxygen atoms.

Third, we add sodium ions to the hydrogen atoms which causes them to cluster together creating a hydroxide molecule. The hydroxide molecule lets us clean as effectively as though we had detergents in the water, but without all the adverse side effects that residues cause.

Your carpets are not only thoroughly cleaned, but they are cleaned in an environmentally and allergy-friendly way. You never have to worry about toxins or chemicals left behind. Better still your carpets will stay clean longer thanks to the Zerorez® Zr™ Water approach, and even better your carpets will last longer. This is excellent news for your bottom line!

What do others have to say about our professional cleaning services?

Our process has been tested by the Carpet and Rug Institute, an independent lab dedicated to examining and ranking all things carpet related for consumers. Their independent lab found our solution to be the #1 carpet cleaning solution that they have tested, and their test is one of the industry's most definitive! The Carpet and Rug Institute created this test by partnering with NASA scientists:

To make SOA the most advanced test possible, CRI partnered with scientists at NASA. To develop the soil compound used in the testing, hundreds of real-world samples from all over the United States were analyzed. Then, the elements that made up or closely resembled those samples were blended to create an accurate, measurable and repeatable formula.

Maybe the greatest voice to speak to the value of our service comes from our customers, with a 4.9-star rating on Google and over 180 reviews at the time this was writing you can find many stories about our superior service. Take a look at just a few of them:

"The carpets came out much cleaner than with our regular janitorial service. There was excellent communication and an effort to meet their own high standards, and ours. In the end, we paid less for better service and better results. Very satisfied." Kathleen DiStasio

"Zerorez cleans carpets better than any other company. I've tried them all and I know from experience." Mary Eileen Binning

"I loved the idea of not having harsh chemicals and soapy residue that attracts new dirt. Honestly, our carpets look the best they ever had after a cleaning. They are 5 years old but they look brand new. Even the areas that our last cleaner said would be impossible to fully clean look fresh and unstained. The cost was about the same as previous cleanings.The technician offered additional services like pet treatment and upholstery cleaning. But he did not pressure me into extras. I took the pet treatment and declined the upholstery (even though the couch does need to be cleaned) and there was no feeling of pressure. The technician was kind and thorough and friendly. I'll definitely be using zerorez again." Laura Kohn

We can set you up on a schedule or do a one-time job. We are here to serve your needs.

Use Zerorez for your commercial carpet cleaning needs, get the best results that last longer and save you money.

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