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Is it time to get your carpets cleaned already? You probably feel like it was just yesterday you were typing Carpet Cleaning San Francisco into Google to try and find a good deal on a local company to treat your carpets. Truth be told, it is possible that you are getting your carpets cleaned more often than necessary and it may be your carpet cleaners fault!

Not All Carpet Cleaning is Equal

Many people think all carpet cleaning is mostly the same. You get a carpet cleaning company to come to your Frisco home. The technician uses some industrial mix of water and detergent that soaks into your carpet. Then the technician uses that powerful carpet vacuum hooked onto a commercial van to suck up that water and detergent, and your carpets are now clean. It's always the same, right? In reality, the process may look very similar, but to say all carpet cleaners are equal is like saying all deli stops in San Francisco are equal. Quality "ingredients" and employees that know what they are doing makes all the difference.

The Carpet Cleaning Critique

How can you find out if your carpet cleaner uses a quality process that is going to keep your floors cleaner longer? Go to a trusted, unbiased source. For carpet that is, "The Carpet and Rug Institute" (CRI). CRI is an unbiased resource to learn about all things carpet, including measuring the quality of carpet cleaning providers, in their own words:

"At CRI, our purpose is to educate consumers, commercial stakeholders and the industry about carpet and rugs. From health benefits and environmental efforts to trends and advice, we are here to inform our members and their customers. CRI initiatives help protect air quality, carpet's lifespan and lead to smarter buying decisions on cleaners and equipment. We're proud to be the foremost source for carpet information - based on fact and science, guided by principle." (

And when the CRI says they are proud... based on science, they are not kidding. To create a test to evaluate a company's carpet cleaning process CRI had to develop something that would always mimic the wear, dirt, and grime that a carpet would be subject to. To accomplish this, CRI partnered with NASA scientists to develop the test! To become a CRI certified carpet cleaning service provider a company must perform exceptionally well on this test. This is excellent news for a consumer like you because it gives you the opportunity to choose a service provider that will offer a quality product. You can see the list of certified service providers here:

(In case you were wondering, Zerorez is a platinum-certified service provider)

The Public Opinion of Carpet Cleaners

This last review process is like picking up a copy of the San Francisco Chronicle and going to Michael Bauer's section to look up quality restaurants. Of course, another option is to see what other locals from the Bay Area are saying about your carpet cleaning professional. Fortunately, there are several places you can go to do this. The best place to do this always seems to be the one that the most people are using. Google. I mean Google is practically in our backyard if there is anyone that should be claiming Google as our own it should be us.

Really though, Google reviews are quite valuable, if you do not just rely on the star value. (This is coming from a company with a 4.9-star rating on Google). You should dive into the reviews because reviews can be fake. What you want to look for is whether or not details were given. If a carpet cleaning company is trying to write fake reviews, there probably will not be too many details in the comments. The main thing that a company cares about is getting that star-rating number up. Real reviews will probably talk about how the cleaning went for them, what the experience was like, and - most important for this blog post - how their carpet looks a few weeks or months later. The more reviews a company has, the better; as long as the reviews have some substance to them.

Why Is Zerorez The Best Carpet Cleaner in San Francisco

We will cut right to the chase: Zerorez uses the best process possible for cleaning carpets. Don't take our word for it; we have a platinum-certified process from The Carpet and Rug Institute that is truly unlike any other carpet cleaner out there, it is a process that leaves No Residue® in your carpet, leaving your carpets cleaner longer! Our customers are so satisfied with their floors after our treatment that we have over 120 real Bay Area customers that have given us a combined 4.9-star-rating.

In addition, we use an environmentally safe process that leaves no hazardous chemicals behind on your carpet, keeping your family and pets safe.

Each of our technicians is trained to not only get the job done right but to make sure you are satisfied with the quote before they start and with the result before they leave. They are courteous and professional.

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