How to Properly Vacuum Between Cleanings

How to Properly Vacuum Between Cleanings

We know it sounds easy - turn the vacuum on and go… but you may have been vacuuming the wrong way your entire life! Vacuuming correctly between your cleanings can keep them looking their best before we come in to do the deep cleaning.

Keep a Vacuuming Routine

If you don't vacuum your carpet until it looks dirty, you're waiting too long. By the time your floor coverings start to look soiled, they're probably so caked with dust, dirt, and dander that they need a deep clean, rather than a simple vacuuming. You can avoid having a professional cleaning in between your annual appointments by keeping a vacuuming schedule in place.

Take Your Time

Vacuuming at the correct pace can make all the difference when it comes to getting your carpets as clean as possible. Don't just go over the carpet and work too quickly; this isn't effective and won't get much other than the surface particles. Make sure to push and pull your vacuum forward and backward as you go across the floor. This way, you are allowing the vibrations of the vacuum to loosen any debris in the carpet fibers so that dirt can be picked up when you make another pass.

Give High-Traffic Areas Extra TLC

Hallways, foyers, mudrooms, and living rooms typically see more traffic than other places in the home. That means a larger amount of dirt and soil will build up on carpets and rugs in those areas. You may need to vacuum these spots more often based on how active your household is - as often as every other day in some cases!

Clean Your Vacuum

It's important to consider the inner workings of your vacuum when you're cleaning. Your vacuum cleaner needs to have enough airflow to function properly. If you let the canister or vacuum bag fill to the brim before emptying it out, it won't do your carpet any favors. Empty your vacuum after each use and change the bag regularly. You should also learn how to clean your vacuum, from the canister to the base plate.

Use the Right Vacuum Cleaner

There are so many different vacuum cleaners out there, some with beater bars and some without. Make sure you know which works best on your carpet. For example, carpets and area rugs that have looped fibers or are made from natural materials like wool or silk should not be vacuumed with beater bars. You also need to use the proper accessories. Use a crevice tool to get corners and edges, rather than ramming the vacuum into the baseboard.